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  • /stories/poetry/
    The Frozen Tundra of My Driveway Laughs in Mockery
    Summary: The frozen tundra of my driveway
         laughs in mockery.

    Venture forth to step on me?
         You may not.

    My icy plates will rise,
         encircling your ankles
         with imbalance.

  • /stories/poetry/
    Cold Day
    Summary: The tips of trees on a pale winter sky
    are like broken capillaries on a sad old face, they
    feather out against smudgy clouds
    on a black hill

  • /stories/poetry/
    A Day Off
    Summary: I poured a bowl of kitty kibble
    outside my room upstairs.
    Throughout the night
    I woke to crunching, 

  • /stories/poetry/
    The Time Signature of Night
    Summary: The crickets sing their evening chord
    the levels of their throats
    what note
    is that?

  • /stories/poetry/
    The Scent of a Lady Bug
    Summary: Really? I said, they have a scent?
    Yes, said my son,
    they smell sort of like fireflies.
    Who could imagine that?

  • /stories/poetry/
    Last Bite
    Summary: As has been our long time tradition
    I leave the last bite for you.
    As I finish a meal I look for you . . .

  • /stories/poetry/
    Dog Hair
    Summary: If you visited my house 
    you could never leave 
    without dog hair . . .

  • /stories/poetry/
    Summary: There's nothing new about
    being drunk on fragrance,
    but I wonder,
    as I stand beneath
    the heavy lilac blossoms . . .

  • /stories/poetry/
    Summary: When I was little
    driving home with my parents
    I loved to look in yellow-lit windows,

  • /stories/poetry/
    Summary: I am three.
    I was spanked for some reason
    so I crawl into the dog bed
    with Smokey,

  • /stories/poetry/
    Summary: My dear friend called. She said, “We drove to Idaho for the eclipse. We camped. It was the most amazing thing.

  • /stories/poetry/
    I Wake Up Pleading
    Summary: I wake up pleading
    calm down, we are one.

  • /stories/poetry/
    We Go for a Sunday Drive
    Summary: We go for a Sunday drive which I hate
    Why don’t we DO something I whine

  • /stories/poetry/
    In Winter the Dawn Sky
    Summary: In winter the dawn sky
    looks like pen and ink,

  • /stories/poetry/
    In My Sun-flecked Drive to Work
    Summary: In my sun-flecked drive to work
    I said I love you to a mailbox
    with hand-painted flowers . . .

  • /stories/poetry/
    The Planet Has Shifted
    Summary: The planet has shifted to
    the obvious darkness of evening
      and fall of mercury,

  • /stories/poetry/
    I Heard My Cat Cry
    Summary: I heard my cat cry
    wandering the lonely house
    while we slept.

  • /stories/poetry/
    The Rooster
    Summary: The song of a soul is a funny thing.
    The rooster up the road crows
    fifty times a day...

  • /stories/poetry/
    I Was Staying in the Castro District
    Summary: I was staying in the Castro district,
    I came to sit by the bed of my dying brother, oh boy,
    it was Halloween when I arrived,
    Six-foot men with beautiful legs in tutus and heels,

  • /stories/poetry/
    Your Marriage is Like Apollo 13
    Summary: If someone said “Your marriage is like Apollo 13.
    You need to gather the duct tape, the plastic bags,
    all the tools to make a carbon scrubbing machine
    to clean the oxygen of your love so you can survive.

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