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    Is There a God and What is God Like?
    Summary: Is it non-intellectual and foolish to believe that God exists? Is there any evidence in the world around us that will demonstrate that God exists and also show us what God is like?

  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    Can Humans Become Beings of Love
    Summary: What are we capable of, as human beings? Can we become perfect or divine or magnificent? We look at grand figures in history or fictional heroes and heroines and feel instinctively that that is how we should be. Yet, “becoming perfect” or growing beyond the “normal” status of humans is extraordinarily difficult. We may sometimes grumble, “Nobody’s perfect. We’re just human.”

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    The True Identity of Humans
    Summary: How we view other humans is closely tied to how we view ourselves. Who are we? What is our identity? To me, this question is one of the central questions of life on earth. I believe that the answer goes far beyond opinions and belongs instead to the realm of scientific truth. As much as we can all finally agree that the world is round, I believe that one day we’ll all agree on a clear definition of the true identity of humans. The science that proves this will undoubtedly boggle our minds. Until then, I believe that the proof rests in our hearts.

  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    Divine Writing Communion and the Joy of Living with God
    Summary: There is also the question: “Who are you to receive a message from God? Only holy and special people can receive God’s messages.” To that, I say, “God lives in all of us and speaks to all of us.” I believe that it is now time to universally recognize that the indwelling God is equally available to all of us, without exception.

  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    Saved by the Love of God
    Summary: “No one can stop me from communicating with each and every human being. No one can stop me from whispering words of love to their souls, or embracing them continuously. No one can say that any individual is unworthy to be loved by me, or doesn’t have the ability to hear me and feel my loving presence.”

  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    The Universe is Made of Love
    Summary: When two humans meet and regard each other as sacred creatures resonating with the love and beauty of the universe, a musical chord moves across the expanse. Real peace between humans is birthed at the soul level, where love begins. In that place, each human is equal, and free to resonate with their own unique and mysterious connection to the Source.

  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    The God Who is Always with Us
    Summary: From God, my Dear Beloved:
    The more you become aware that I am made of love and with that love I am inhabiting you, living with you and as you, and also surrounding you with my embrace—the more you become aware of my presence of love, then the more you will be able to Be Love. You will grow into a Being of Love, expressing love with every breath, thinking and feeling love in every moment. Your nature that I created is to be love, to live as a Being of Love.

  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    Post-Election: Respect, Love, Compassion, and Unity
    Summary: The 2016 Election has been one of the most vitriolic and divisive elections that I can remember. It's almost as if the United States has entered an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual civil war. Or perhaps a civil war of values. Forgiveness and unity after the election are states of mind and heart that I hope our country can attain.

  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    Eternal Triune Marriage as a New Vision of Marriage
    Summary: I believe that one reason marriages collapse before death intervenes is because the pledge of love until death contains an inherent limitation. If one assumes that marriage is only for one’s physical lifetime, then it may make sense to move on to a better marriage if the first one isn’t working out.

  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    Freedom from Tyranny
    Summary: The tragic fraud of tyranny is revealed with simple questions, asked to its victims: “Are you unhappy, living under tyranny? If there were no retribution of any kind, would you like to be free to do as you pleased?”

    The answer may be slow in coming, for tyranny is a destroyer of dreams. Yet, over time, which soul, created from the same star stuff, would say, “No”?

  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    Pre-Sale Announcement of New Book: The Living Compass of Kindness and Compassionate Love
    Summary: I have the great pleasure to announce that we will be publishing a new book soon, called:

    The Living Compass of Kindness and Compassionate Love
    ~ Essays, Poems, and Stories about a World of Love and Beauty

    written by yours truly,
    Peter Falkenberg Brown.

  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    The Beautiful Gifts of the Spirit World
    Summary: When I reflect about these gifts I always come back to the same conclusion that the Creator of the beautiful gifts of the spirit world must have been motivated by an intense and enduring love for each of us. Each of the gifts is so absolutely perfect for human beings—so fulfilling, so charming, and so delightful in every way. Each of the gifts fosters and multiplies love and beauty and joy.

    I believe that the realm of the spirit world was created to be a place of happiness that is almost unimaginable from our vantage point in the physical world which has so often been described as “hell on earth.”

  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    The Omnipresent Embrace
    Summary: By recognizing the divine around us, we will eventually reach the point where we conclude that the love and beauty that we’ve been resonating with must have an invisible Creative Source. Whether we call that source God, or something else, is unimportant.

  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    The Incarnational Rights of Men and Women
    Summary: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the American Declaration of Independence support the view that all humans are “incarnational peers” with “equal and inalienable rights,” from the humblest individual to the very top of governmental and social structures. They are peers based on the central acknowledgment that all humans are incarnational men and women, whether birthed from a Creative Intelligence or simply the Quantum Universe.

  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    The Living Compass of Kindness and Compassionate Love
    Summary: Humans want life to resonate with meaning – enough meaning to lift their souls above the dreary and monotonous reality of daily survival. It is thrilling to imagine that we can contribute to a larger and higher purpose that will save the day, or save the world. We don’t mind sacrificing for a cause that seems just.

  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    Reclaiming the Magnificent Divinity of Men
    Summary: The magnificent divinity of men is not a popular topic. It has, however, an enthusiastic ally. Women, who are meant to be magnificently divine themselves, yearn for men to reclaim their divinity. Women want their men to be strong, but to be strong in more than musculature. Being rescued by a knight is most rewarding when the knight's armor is actually shining with the spiritual nobility of the man inside.

  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    Moments of Love
    Summary: How dreadful and painful are the words, "I do not feel loved." With these words, our breath seems to stop. Our life implodes, and hope dies. Some people feel that way all the time, and have felt unloved for so long that they have become brittle and old, in spirit and in heart.

  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    A Mystical Search for the Meaning of Crayons and White Paste
    Summary: For me, life has been a long process of finding out who I am and what I love. I feel rather like a man who was covered in honey and rolled in flour, across the years of my life, collecting bits and baubles and dabs of dirt all the while, and then dumped in the desert completely naked with the decree to "figure it all out" in my own good time.

  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    The Value of One: Religious Freedom and the Growth of a Mystical World
    Summary: Religious freedom allows mysticism to bloom. When a person is granted complete religious freedom, he or she can explore the inner world of love and faith with impunity. That exploration might lead them to practice Buddhism even though they were raised Christian. It might lead them down many paths, some of them unexpected and different. Yet, each person must go their own way, for mysticism recognizes that each person is following the blueprint that God has expressed in them, and has expressed as them.

  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    Drinking from the Source of Love
    Summary: One beautiful spring morning in Virginia, as I walked across our yard, I stopped, and stared at a truly lovely sight. There were three blue and purple and yellow irises waving at me, as if to say, “We’re here. Have you noticed us yet?” In truth, I had not. I had seen them, but I had not regarded them. They were magnificent, and as I gazed at them, they became the center of my world.

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