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"An Ecstasy of Nature"

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  • /help-the-world/
    Winter Solstice
    Summary: The shortest day of the year has been a time of reflection and celebration throughout human history. Please visit this link to learn about some of the traditions...

  • /help-the-world/
    Native Plants
    Summary: I was blown away when I read Toby Hemenway's seminal book, "Gaia's Garden". It is a textbook on permaculture gardening techniques, that in some sections reads like poetry.

  • /bliss/a-contemplation-of-nature-and-spirituality/
    Plant Healing and Shamanism in the Deep Amazon
    Summary: The shaman explains "The sacred plants are always willing to guide human beings. It is part of their mission. They want to help. All they ask for in return is the joy of healing"

  • /columns/the-green-wheel/
    What Do We Do Now?
    Summary: Thoughts stimulated by reading Martin Prechtel's book, "Secrets of the Talking Jaguar".

  • /stories/poetry/
    The Time Signature of Night
    Summary: The crickets sing their evening chord
    the levels of their throats
    what note
    is that?

  • /stories/poetry/
    The Scent of a Lady Bug
    Summary: Really? I said, they have a scent?
    Yes, said my son,
    they smell sort of like fireflies.
    Who could imagine that?

  • /bliss/front-page-images/
    Deer Isle Maine

  • /bliss/a-contemplation-of-nature-and-spirituality/
    Our Lovely New Kitten: Tovi Zoom Zoom
    Summary: We've adopted a wee kitten that we've named "Tovi Zoom Zoom."

  • /bliss/a-contemplation-of-nature-and-spirituality/
    Make Wildflower Seed Balls
    Summary: This is such a fun way to plant wildflowers!

  • /help-the-world/
    Mushroom Suit After You Die
    Summary: Jae Rhim Lee discusses her design for a mushroom burial suit. There are countless plastics, pesticides, BPA toxins, and other impurities that are in our bodies when we die. For folks interested in a green burial,

  • /bliss/front-page-images/
    Dreaming of Sheep

  • /bliss/a-parliament-of-quotes/
    Martin Prechtel - Causing the Holy in Nature to Succeed
    Summary: "Just like Indigenous thought the world over, which having no priority for human success, knows that humans are here to give the juice of their unique beauty and grief to cause the Holy in Nature to succeed. . ."

  • /help-the-world/
    Mary Reynolds Introduces "The Garden Awakening"
    Summary: Mary Reynolds was the youngest person to win the gold medal for the 2002 Chelsea Flower Shower in England.

  • /bliss/a-contemplation-of-nature-and-spirituality/
    Itty Bitty & Etta - A Story From Apifera Farm
    Summary: "Apifera Farm [pronounced Ap-if-era and meaning bearing bees] began in 2004 in western Oregon, growing 4000 lavender plants and raising sheep."

  • /bliss/a-contemplation-of-nature-and-spirituality/
    Susun Weed Teaches How to Make Sage Honey
    Summary: For decades wise-woman herbalist Susun Weed has been teaching how to make infusions, remedies, teas, and more...

  • /bliss/front-page-images/
    Stillness of a Maine Farm Pond in Winter

  • /bliss/front-page-images/
    Gold and Snow

  • /bliss/a-contemplation-of-nature-and-spirituality/
    Wendell Berry -There are no sacred and unsacred places
    Summary: There are no sacred and unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places. My belief is that our life and the world in it are conditional gifts.

  • /bliss/front-page-images/
    Snow Blossom

  • /stories/poetry/
    The Dreams of the Fruit Fly
    Summary: How simple and sweet
    the dreams of the fruit fly
    beguiled awake by
    a corpsey blackened banana...

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