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"An Antiquity of Bygone Writings"

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  • /help-the-world/
    Winter Solstice
    Summary: The shortest day of the year has been a time of reflection and celebration throughout human history. Please visit this link to learn about some of the traditions...

  • /help-the-world/
    Saint Nicholas
    Summary: Follow the link for historian Bill Federer's highlights of the facts and myths behind the person St Nicholas...

  • /bliss/an-exaltation-of-creativity-and-bliss/
    Knoxville 1915
    Summary: "On the rough wet grass of the back yard my father and mother have spread quilts. We all lie there, my mother, my father, my uncle, my aunt, and I too am lying there..."

  • /bliss/an-exaltation-of-creativity-and-bliss/
    Summary: Yet not to thine eternal resting-place
    Shalt thou retire alone, nor couldst thou wish
    Couch more magnificent.

  • /bliss/an-exaltation-of-creativity-and-bliss/
    The Beauty of Snow
    Summary: A divinity must have stirred with them before the crystals did thus shoot and set. Wheels of the storm-chariots. The same law that shapes the earth-star, shapes the snow-star. As surely as the petals of a flower are fixed, each of these countless snow-stars comes whirling to earth...(From Henry David Thoreau's essay entitled, "Travels in Concord")

  • /bliss/an-exaltation-of-creativity-and-bliss/
    The Woollcott Reader and the short story, "Margaret Ogilvy"
    Summary: The opening story is by J.M.Barrie, about his beloved mother, entitled, "Margaret Ogilvy". We're all familiar with his work, "Peter Pan", but chances are that "Margaret Ogilvy" is not being widely read at the moment. I love the title of the first chapter: "How My Mother Got Her Soft Face."

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