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"A Soupçon of Foodieness"

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  • /bliss/a-contemplation-of-nature-and-spirituality/
    Susun Weed Teaches How to Make Sage Honey
    Summary: For decades wise-woman herbalist Susun Weed has been teaching how to make infusions, remedies, teas, and more...

  • /bliss/an-exaltation-of-creativity-and-bliss/
    Paroxysms of Bliss at Esidore’s Bistro@Night
    Summary: After a short wait, we picked up our forks and had a bite of each—and melted into bliss. Well, we didn’t really melt, but my, oh my were we fully and entirely delighted!

  • /bliss/an-exaltation-of-creativity-and-bliss/
    The Transcendence of Pom's Thai General Tso’s Chicken
    Summary: Eating Pom's Thai General chicken was an Event. In fact, it was a "Remember my mother's gourmet cooking and exclaiming event," where we would close our eyes and murmur, "Oh, my, that’s good."

    It was not only delicious, it was different. I learned that day, with all due respect to the bolder, more hearty taste of Chinese General Tso’s chicken, that I actually preferred the more sophisticated and delicate taste of Pom’s Thai General chicken.

  • /bliss/an-exaltation-of-creativity-and-bliss/
    Bulgogi Bliss: A Capsule Review of the Korea House Restaurant in Portland, Maine
    Summary: I love bulgogi. For the uninitiated, bulgogi is a Korean dish consisting of thin strips of beef marinated in a spicy sauce, served with white rice, kimchee and assorted side vegetables.

  • /bliss/an-exaltation-of-creativity-and-bliss/
    "The Falkenberg" ~ A Lobster Roll for Those Who Want More than Mayonnaise
    Summary: Every lobster roll we ate was the same unattractive mixture of a hot dog bun, cold iceberg lettuce, mayonnaise and varying amounts of lobster meat. We couldn't fault the lobster meat, but the rest of the very expensive "treat" was, in the words of Hercule Poirot, "an uninviting delicacy."

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