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"A Meditation of Spirituality"

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  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    Is There a God and What is God Like?
    Summary: Is it non-intellectual and foolish to believe that God exists? Is there any evidence in the world around us that will demonstrate that God exists and also show us what God is like?

  • /bliss/a-contemplation-of-nature-and-spirituality/
    Plant Healing and Shamanism in the Deep Amazon
    Summary: The shaman explains "The sacred plants are always willing to guide human beings. It is part of their mission. They want to help. All they ask for in return is the joy of healing"

  • /bliss/a-parliament-of-quotes/
    Gerald May - The Process of Prayer
    Summary: "Sometimes, instead of praying, I find myself thinking about praying; evaluating how I’m praying, figuring out what is proper or most effective."

  • /columns/the-green-wheel/
    Separations and Connections
    Summary: A while back my daughter and a dear friend of hers from New Zealand were talking and laughing during a Skype call. I walked through the room to get something and waved at the friend, over 9,000 miles away, who waved back.

  • /bliss/a-contemplation-of-nature-and-spirituality/
    Wendell Berry -There are no sacred and unsacred places
    Summary: There are no sacred and unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places. My belief is that our life and the world in it are conditional gifts.

  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    Can Humans Become Beings of Love
    Summary: What are we capable of, as human beings? Can we become perfect or divine or magnificent? We look at grand figures in history or fictional heroes and heroines and feel instinctively that that is how we should be. Yet, “becoming perfect” or growing beyond the “normal” status of humans is extraordinarily difficult. We may sometimes grumble, “Nobody’s perfect. We’re just human.”

  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    Divine Writing Communion and the Joy of Living with God
    Summary: There is also the question: “Who are you to receive a message from God? Only holy and special people can receive God’s messages.” To that, I say, “God lives in all of us and speaks to all of us.” I believe that it is now time to universally recognize that the indwelling God is equally available to all of us, without exception.

  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    Saved by the Love of God
    Summary: “No one can stop me from communicating with each and every human being. No one can stop me from whispering words of love to their souls, or embracing them continuously. No one can say that any individual is unworthy to be loved by me, or doesn’t have the ability to hear me and feel my loving presence.”

  • /stories/poetry/
    I Am Certain That Jesus Was Not That
    Summary: I am certain that Jesus was not that
    person walking down a dusty road
    in an immaculate robe, in Cinemascope

  • /bliss/a-parliament-of-quotes/
    Mechthild of Magdeburg - A Wondrous Place Where We Speak of Love
    Summary: “That prayer has great power which a person makes with all his might. It makes a sour heart sweet, a sad heart merry, a poor heart rich, a foolish heart wise, a timid heart brave, a sick heart well, a blind heart full of sight, a cold heart ardent...

  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    The Universe is Made of Love
    Summary: When two humans meet and regard each other as sacred creatures resonating with the love and beauty of the universe, a musical chord moves across the expanse. Real peace between humans is birthed at the soul level, where love begins. In that place, each human is equal, and free to resonate with their own unique and mysterious connection to the Source.

  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    The God Who is Always with Us
    Summary: From God, my Dear Beloved:
    The more you become aware that I am made of love and with that love I am inhabiting you, living with you and as you, and also surrounding you with my embrace—the more you become aware of my presence of love, then the more you will be able to Be Love. You will grow into a Being of Love, expressing love with every breath, thinking and feeling love in every moment. Your nature that I created is to be love, to live as a Being of Love.

  • /columns/culture-of-kindness/
    Post-Election: Respect, Love, Compassion, and Unity
    Summary: The 2016 Election has been one of the most vitriolic and divisive elections that I can remember. It's almost as if the United States has entered an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual civil war. Or perhaps a civil war of values. Forgiveness and unity after the election are states of mind and heart that I hope our country can attain.

  • /bliss/an-exaltation-of-creativity-and-bliss/
    Making a Ring with Oleg
    Summary: In 2015 I was inspired to create a ring that had a very personal spiritual meaning to me—a ring that would represent my vows of love with the indwelling God. During my daily meditation practice, over a period of many months, I decided that I wanted to create a sterling silver ring with a design of silver irises on a dark green background.

  • /columns/guest-columnists/
    A Mother's Day Sermon from 2015
    Summary: The poet Mark Nepo writes: “The place where beauty meets pain is where we bend, not break”.
    For me, this passage describes the beauty of building up expectations and the pain of letting them go.

  • /bliss/a-parliament-of-quotes/
    Thomas Merton - The Rush and Pressure of Modern Life
    Summary: “There is a pervasive form of contemporary violence to which the idealist most easily succumbs: activism and overwork. The rush and pressure of modern life are a form, perhaps the most common form, of its innate violence.”

  • /bliss/a-parliament-of-quotes/
    Father Bede Griffiths - I was suddenly made aware of another world
    Summary: “I was suddenly made aware of another world of beauty and mystery such as I had never imagined to exist, except in poetry...

  • /bliss/a-contemplation-of-nature-and-spirituality/
    The Great Spirit Dwells In Each of Us
    Summary: “...when they realize at the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that its center is really everywhere, it is within each of us.”

  • /bliss/a-contemplation-of-nature-and-spirituality/
    Dorothy Maclean: The Divine is Deep Within You
    Summary: “I am with you wherever you are, deep within you. As you turn to me, wherever you are, I answer your call..."

    The wonderful Dorothy Maclean is one of the founders of the Findhorn Community in Scotland. She has received countless messages from God and nature spirits that she has passed on to humanity in her many books.

  • /bliss/a-contemplation-of-nature-and-spirituality/
    Our Need For Love
    Summary: "Ultimately, the reason why love and compassion bring the greatest happiness is simply that our nature cherishes them above all else. The need for love lies at the very foundation of human existence."

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