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    New Latitude - Vantage Point
    Summary: I love the bright colors of the landscape artwork on the cover because it is a perfect reflection of this primary colored music.

  • /columns/musicviews/
    Teresa Tudury - Such Fine Things
    Summary: I had the exceptional pleasure of first hearing Teresa Tudury at the Sweet Chariot Music Festival on Swan’s Island Maine in 2014. Her presence, her fluid and wild voice, guitar playing, humor and deep heart blew me away.

  • /columns/musicviews/
    Smithfield Fair - Evermore
    Summary: One thing I must say about Smithfield Fair, they are prolific! They crank out the sounds, the songs, and the heart.

  • /columns/musicviews/
    Phil Vassar - American Soul
    Summary: From the opening chords of “American Soul” I was riveted. Phil has an epic room-filling style.

  • /columns/musicviews/
    Rick Adams - Curves
    Summary: Rick makes me smile because he comes up with little ditties that crack me up. “Boss Ain't Here”, includes the lines:

  • /columns/musicviews/
    Jubilant Bridge - A Bell, A Bird, A Star
    Summary: One can hardly listen to Christmas carols any more without thinking about credit cards, discounts and smartphone apps. That’s why this album is such a treasure...

  • /columns/musicviews/
    Roland Pearsall - Sell Your Soul
    Summary: It is always impressive when a person creates an entire album playing all the instruments and performing all the singing parts by themselves...

  • /columns/musicviews/
    Steve Greeley - Love Town
    Summary: The biggest thing I can say about Steve Greeley is where the hell has he been? This man is a profound talent – a classic 20th century popular songwriter.

  • /columns/musicviews/
    Samantha Farrell - September Sun
    Summary: Samantha Farrell brings to mind the voices of Anais Mitchell and Nora Jones. She has exceptional powers of creativity. The subject matter, lyrics, musical accompaniment and production is a joy to listen to –

  • /columns/musicviews/
    The Ghosts of Johnson City - Again!
    Summary: Well, the last time I saw these guys I said I was going to see them again as soon as possible. So my son, Ranin, and I went to Port City Blue again with skads of other people, and the place was packed by 5:30 pm.

  • /columns/musicviews/
    Amy White - Didn't We Waltz
    Summary: Amy White is half of the duo Al Petteway and Amy White, who have been in the music business for years and are talented to the bone.

  • /columns/musicviews/
    Seth Davis - Life is Long
    Summary: There's something gritty and honest in Seth Davis's music. I listen and listen to this album and I keep hearing new things. His voice sounds like Leonard Cohen.

  • /columns/musicviews/
    The Ghosts of Johnson City
    Summary: We walked in on a cold winter night and found a table up front. The five band members came in and set up, looking like lumberjacks fresh from the woods in their knitted hats and flannel shirts.

  • /columns/musicviews/
    Laney Jones and the Spirits – Sunshiny Exuberance!
    Summary: Laney Jones has an innocent persona brimming over with love for music and song, and so does her band. They opened Wednesday evening for the formidable Spuyten Duyvil, who was just as charmed by her as we were in the audience.

  • /columns/musicviews/
    Spuyten Duyvil Give Earthy and Inspired Performance
    Summary: Spuyten Duyvil played their hearts out on Wednesday evening. If you’ve heard their new CD, The Social Music Hour Volume I, then you know the gritty sound and feeling of their music.
    [Editor's note: We are featuring both a live performance and CD review of Spuyten Duyvil.]

  • /columns/musicviews/
    Hanneke Cassel - Live at One Longfellow Square
    Summary: A big crowd showed up Wednesday evening to hear Hanneke Cassel. Hanneke, who looks like a Nordic goddess, took the stage flanked by the hardy-looking Christopher Lewis on guitar, and the extraordinary Mike Block on cello, who is by the way, Hanneke’s husband.

  • /columns/musicviews/
    Spuyten Duyvil - The Social Music Hour Vol. 1
    Summary: Right off the bat, lead singer Beth Jamie Kaufman urges you to “Keep Your Skillet Good and Greasy.” The innocent may wonder, hmm, what does she mean by that, but she does not fail to draw the listener in...

  • /columns/musicviews/
    The Miracle of Teresa Tudury
    Summary: There are some people that are just so talented that they defy description. Teresa Tudury is a California Bay area musician – poet – wise woman that I had the good fortune to hear for the first time this past summer at the Sweet Chariot Music Festival at Swans Island, Maine.

  • /columns/musicviews/
    Mark Erelli - Milltowns
    Summary: This album is a tribute to singer/songwriter Bill Morrissey, who passed away too young and too soon.

  • /columns/musicviews/
    New Latitude Excels with "Convergence"
    Summary: Jazz guitar has a language all its own. New Latitude, comprised of Jim Carr and Dave Erickson, used skill and intuition to create these lovely duets...

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