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The Frozen Tundra of My Driveway Laughs in Mockery

Jan 28, 2019

The Frozen Tundra of My Driveway Laughs in Mockery



The frozen tundra of my driveway

     laughs in mockery.


Venture forth to step on me?

     You may not.


My icy plates will rise,

     encircling your ankles

     with imbalance.


Impudent human,

     wishing to break

     my sacred tenure.


I grant you dreams

     of melting me,

     scraping me,

     crushing me.


Irrelevant fantasies

     shrinking to the corners

     of chilly bedrooms.


Silly human.

     You must wait

     for spring.



Peter Falkenberg Brown is passionate about writing, publishing, public speaking and film. He hopes that someday he can live up to his favorite motto: “Expressing God’s kind and compassionate love in all directions, every second of every day, creates an infinitely expanding sphere of heart.”

~ Deus est auctor amoris et decoris. ~

Peter hosts the "Love, Freedom, & the World" Video & Podcast Channel at:

Support Peter's work for as little as $3 per month:

Follow Peter on Social Media: Twitter & GAB: @falkenbrown ~

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