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The Sorghum Cows The Sorghum Cows
~ Written in January, 2003 ~
The cows stand stunned
They are snow trimmed
Like tractors and trees more
After the Farm
Stirring me stirring me stirring me
The things that lie sleeping inside
Skeletons rise and soulful searching
Awaken to things once denied more
Crumbs in the Valley
~ A true story ~
The open neckline wide... more
Unglooming the Gloam Unglooming the Gloam
Leaden sky Absorbs the light. Wambling through the bamboo grove I enter into the gloaming... more
Sunrise on the Hills
The clouds were far beneath me; bathed in light, They gathered mid-way round the wooded height,
And, in their fading glory, shone
Like hosts in battle overthrown.
As many a pinnacle, with shifting glance.
Through the gray mist thrust up its shattered lance... more
Green Leaves and Rubies Green Leaves and Rubies
In the center of the most beautiful place in the world
there nods a tree
of unknown measure.

How tall; how far; how wide
its branches reach... more
Trapped Deer Trapped Deer
Boots crossing the brown sugar field
at twilight
dog pulling on the leash
and sun angling down like a lure on a hook
low in the sky... more
The Unintended Psychological Underpinnings of a Hershey Bar The Unintended Psychological Underpinnings of a Hershey Bar
In my father's nightstand
is the drawer
Where he keeps a man-sized
Hershey bar... more
My Monster My Monster
I’m feeling particularly sad today
I let my monster out
She screamed and raged and stomped around
Feeling quite justified in her exasperation.
Arc-a-Types Arc-a-Types
I am not Joan of Arc.
Oh I could have been her for a week or two.
I might have heard voices,
I might have worn armour,
But when I got tired or scared
I probably would have gone home.
“The Epiphany of Zebediah Clump”
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