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Indi Dog at Dawn
Ghoulish numbers on the clock: it's three. Farewell sleep, I sigh, more
It Isn't So Much Magic as it is Beauty
it isn't so much magic as it is, beauty
she said to herself coming upon the scene suddenly:
the unexpected snowfalls, the lemon leaf reigning more
Rat The Rat
Is the rat offended by the smell of the dump?
Before cities,
before squalor and pestilence and sewers,
where did the rat dwell? more
Lloyd Railroad Depot The Depot
I left my suitcases. Inside were keep-sake rings and bracelets photo albums of my trip to Europe, more
Departed Dove
~ Writer's Digest 2015 Poem A Day Challenge - Prompt: Departed ~
I found her by the door in still repose... more
wumpus To Be A Monster
Writer's Digest Poem a Day Challenge, Top Ten Winner for Day 27, 2014
Monsters like the sight of blood, and dragging victims through the mud. more
Elizabeth Coatsworth July Storm
Like a tall woman walking across the hayfield
the rain came slowly, dressed in crystal and the sun. more
Burning Candle Message
I light the candle,
smudge the sage,
call in directions and the
keepers of the land and sky. more
Da Vinci Study of an Embryo A Voyage
The HMS Zygote sailed one night,
launched from the gleam in my Father's eye. more
20th Century Madonna To God
Some people have a visceral reaction at the mention of your name,
Some say you are out there,
some say you are nowhere,
but I know you’re in here. more
“The Epiphany of Zebediah Clump”
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