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In Winter the Dawn Sky
In winter the dawn sky
looks like pen and ink, more
In My Sun-flecked Drive to Work
In my sun-flecked drive to work
I said I love you to a mailbox
with hand-painted flowers . . . more
The Planet Has Shifted
The planet has shifted to
the obvious darkness of evening
 and fall of mercury, more
I Heard My Cat Cry
I heard my cat cry
wandering the lonely house
while we slept. more
Whistler's Mother
If you put Whistler’s Mother in a pair
of jeans and muckboots,
and pull her gray hair
back into a pony tail more
The Rooster
The song of a soul is a funny thing.
The rooster up the road crows
fifty times a day... more
I Was Staying in the Castro District
I was staying in the Castro district,
I came to sit by the bed of my dying brother, oh boy,
it was Halloween when I arrived,
Six-foot men with beautiful legs in tutus and heels,
Your Marriage is Like Apollo 13
If someone said “Your marriage is like Apollo 13.
You need to gather the duct tape, the plastic bags,
all the tools to make a carbon scrubbing machine
to clean the oxygen of your love so you can survive. more
Outposts of Love
We have not yet met the outposts of love
We’re in those between days
sorta kinda sixty old
but not cataract crippled mind blank ninety old. more
The Makeover
I keep attempting a makeoverI secretly feel too far-gone for those,
my hair isn’t interested,
then there’s all that flab... more
“The Epiphany of Zebediah Clump”
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