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It Isn't So Much Magic as it is Beauty

Apr 23, 2016

it isn't so much magic as it is, beauty
she said to herself coming upon the scene suddenly:
the unexpected snowfalls, the lemon leaf reigning


then falling at your feet and the sweep of it
the panorama close at hand.
how can I let you understand that this is


something dreamed yet wide awake.
a flaking of stars; transpositions of where you are
to where you could never be, had never been.


and this is mystery and the red rose gathered and
still rooted in the ground and the lost and found, the when
of every childhood minute you gazed at the sky


willing the clouds to stay


not so much wondering
as dreaming, why
can't they?

Mary Angela Douglas is a poet originally from Little Rock, Arkansas now residing in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

She lives in a small apartment with enough used books in all categories to replenish the shelves of all the libraries on the East Coast should there be an Unforeseen Accident in that regard.

Her poetry blog is called: To The Russian Poets, at:

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