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I Dreamed of England Returned to Herself

Jun 21, 2017

This note came from Mary Angela when she submitted this poem: “I wrote this poem after just looking at the beautiful indexes to my old anthologies on English literature... and I guess it got mixed in with all the immense tragedies that have lately befallen England both in London, in Manchester and with the sorrowful high rise apartment fire just a few days ago and even the Queen whose birthday I think is officially today is not celebrating. But I wrote this poem and I felt it was hope for all the beauty England has represented especially in her literature so rich and varied and irreplaceable in all of world literature and I felt it could also be some kind of hope possibly.”

I dreamed of England returned to herself
and the bitter knights reconciled;
Albion, coming clear in the mists

and the cherry carol branching
and ah, the dream of the Rood
tremulous in jeweled bloom.

I will leap up to God, my God
and see the angels rustling in the trees
where once the poet William Blake

fell to his knees and understood
that poetry is certain good
and illumination, praise.

the sea of faith is verging in the dark.
the poet soldiers mark their place
and turn again, homeward.


silent, rank on rank and lilting,
the lanes all apple blossom filled,
the lovely strand...

and all their words
are like a field on every hand
with madrigals strewn
and not cut down.
and not cut down.

while ancient wounds
break into birdsong, flower,
into the bridal tunes.

Mary Angela Douglas is a poet originally from Little Rock, Arkansas now residing in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

She lives in a small apartment with enough used books in all categories to replenish the shelves of all the libraries on the East Coast should there be an Unforeseen Accident in that regard.

Her poetry blog is called: To The Russian Poets, at:

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