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All You Can Eat Roadside Buffet

Jan 28, 2018

Look at that open field, the thigh high cacophony of
yarrow and milkweed, Queen Anne’s Lace and clover,
Black-eyed Susans and St John’s Wort, spiny
elbows by elbows, filmy colored wings by wings,
pokey proddy pointy antennas by antennas.
Dragonflies, butterflies, bees, and what have you,
proboscises poised and probing, slurping up exotic nectar and pollen,
every sort of insect loving yum in the late summer throb and buzz of
crickets and grasshoppers, all alighting on yellows and reds,
a humming holiday of late summer.
Someone thought mowing was a good idea
and desecration of this fine feast,
and everything cut and dry,
why? Why?


Kimmy Sophia BrownKimmy Sophia Brown has loved humor and music and freedom for as long as she can remember.She is especially passionate about the environment and caring for animals.

She writes the column "From the Back Porch" as well as reviews of music in her column "MusicViews". Her goal in her music reviews is to introduce music she loves to people who may not have heard that particular artist or CD. For information about how to submit a CD for review, click here.

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