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Isabella d'Este, Patron of the Arts
Isabella d'Este, Patron of the Arts

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Remember the Patrons of the Arts
in the Renaissance?

This is your opportunity to join their distinguished ranks and become a "Renaissance Patron" of the Significato Journal!

We have combined the ancient tradition of the Patrons of the Arts with the new, 21st Century paradigm of "Crowd Funding". You may have heard of the many thousands of business ventures and individual creative efforts that have been funded over the last ten years through crowd-funding websites like Kickstarter, or Indiegogo. Rather than receiving patron support from a few individuals, crowd funding relies on the interest and support of the hundreds or thousands of individuals who want to support Creativity with smaller contributions.

We have combined the two models, and added the ability for supporters to become "Recurring Patrons", with contributions as low as $2.50 per month.

See the Patron Contribution Buttons at the bottom of this page.

We believe that there are many individuals who would like to foster creativity and love and beauty, by supporting writers and artists. We hope that you like our efforts, in that regard :-).

If you appreciate what you have read in our journal, and seen in our films or video blogs, and would like to see these efforts flourish and grow and become a full-time, going concern that can reach thousands upon thousands of readers and viewers across the globe, then we sincerely invite you to become a patron. Note that Businesses, Non-Profits and Corporations are invited to become Patrons, as well as Individuals.

Why are we looking for Renaissance Patrons, and what will the money be used for?

1) Time to Work on Significato

Peter has a full time job as a programmer and does programming consulting on the side. He could certainly support himself and his family by continuing to do that until he's a vibrant man of ninety. One hopes :-). Thus, we are not seeking Patrons because we're starving to death or can't pay the rent. Our search for Patrons is based on a very simple reality: every minute spent programming is a minute not spent on Significato. As the Co-Publisher, Co-Editor, and very active contributor, Kimmy Sophia has the same dilemma.

Therefore, our goal is to replace Peter and Kim's income with Significato income, so that he and Kim can work on this project full time. As Patrons lend their support, Patron income will gradually replace programming income. The money donated by Patrons will be used to supplement, and then replace, Peter and Kim's income, and will be reported as income to the IRS. Scrupulous records will be kept. Note that these Patron contributions are not tax deductible.

2) Funds for Business Expenses

We also are working hard to raise the funds to help produce content for things like the Love, Freedom, & the World YouTube channel.

King Francis I of France, Patron of the Arts
King Francis I of France, Patron of the Arts

3) Our Future Business Model

One day, we will be able to work full time on Significato, and build the journal to the point where it has thousands (or millions) of readers and viewers. As that happens, we will add advertisers to our business model. We are also actively looking for investment partners: people who truly believe in the vision of Significato. Eventually, we hope to replace Patron income with "business income", and then, as we grow, to become Patrons ourselves!

Now, however, we are still small (although we have a Very Large Dream). Thus, we have decided to borrow a page from history and seek the support of those noble individuals who appreciate art and literature so much that they would like to become "Renaissance Patrons" of the Significato Journal.

We Invite You to Become a Patron

We invite you to become a Patron with any amount of donation: from $2.50 to $10 to $100 or $1,000, or .... you get the idea :-). We are not shy to ask a Magnificent Patron for One Million Dollars, for why not, in the cause of the propagation of love, beauty and "nectar for the soul"? But all of our Renaissance Patrons are Magnificent Patrons, for $2.50 is as valuable as one million dollars, since after all, it is the heart that matters.

You also may know friends or associates who may be quite inspired to become Renaissance Patrons. We invite you to ask your friends, associates or other individuals and businesses. (And we thank you for that!)

If you would like to become a Renaissance Patron, please click one of the buttons below, and you'll be instantly transported to our PayPal page, where you can make your contribution with a credit card.

We invite you to become a "Recurring" Patron or you can make a Standard Patron Contribution of any amount that you specify.

*** and! please ask your friends to become patrons too! ***
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You have our profound thanks, and our pledge to do the Best Job We Can.

~ Peter & Kim ~

“The Epiphany of Zebediah Clump”
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from the columns and essays of Significato.
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Increase your bliss and nourish your soul...
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Feel good about life...
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