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The Significato Newsletter contains links to new items published in our online Significato Journal. It is emailed for free to subscribers. It's a very handy way to keep informed about newly published items - sent right to your inbox.

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Significato Newsletter - 2012-002
It can't be denied that spring is flirting with us, even up here in the north country. Friends of ours are tapping their maple trees, and Maple Sugar Sunday is only a month away. Smoke in the sugar shack is the first sign of spring around here, not the coming of robins or the bursting forth of crocuses! But whatever the norm is where you live, we are all on the same planet under the same stars, moon and sun. We hope you enjoy this offering on the eve of spring! more
Significato Newsletter - 2012-001
Well, Happy New Year Everybody! As the Venus Transit of June approaches, and the pages of the Mayan calendar run out, we welcome the unfolding year with prayers and hopes that this will be a better year for all humankind and all creation, down to the li'lest atom and particle. May we all meet our Squirrel of Destiny! And if you don't know what that means, ask Zebediah Clump. more
Significato Newsletter - 2011-003
Gee, doesn't time fly when you're having fun? This issue of Significato features a poem, entitled, Thanatopsis, (which means, meditations on death), written by William Cullen Bryant when he was seventeen years old. The notion of returning to the earth and being a part of 'all that is' was a very comforting thought to me (Kim) when I first read it when I was eighteen. We have some samplings of music, a recipe, a visit to a healer, beautiful photographs of our amazing planet and more. Enjoy! more
Significato Newsletter - 2011-002
We finally have a new newsletter system! You may notice that the way to unsubscribe is by clicking a web link at the bottom of this newsletter.

We have quite a few posts that have accumulated since our last newsletter; music, poetry, short stories and more - BUT - now that we have our new fancy, dancy newsletter system in place, we'll be able to send out newsletters more frequently, in more bite-sized chunks.

Also... we would like to announce our "Renaissance Patron" program. We invite you to read all about how to become a Renaissance Patron of the Significato Journal! more

Significato Newsletter - 2011-001
We're working on a new newsletter system, that will help us get the word out *much* more quickly. Not every 4 months like we're doing now. (Ugh!) In any case, in the words of Émile Coué, we are getting better and better every day :-).

Did you know that the Significato Journal has an RSS feed? Yes, we do! And it's right here:

If you use Firefox, we recommend that you use the really cool extension called "Simple RSS Reader", which scrolls headlines on the browser bar. You can get it here: more

Significato Newsletter - 2010-003
We have published Peter's new novella: "The Postmortem Adventures of Edward Wild: The Girl in the Tavern". Kim has been busy writing MusicView columns and poetry, as well as posting items under the Mo' Bliss and Help the World sections.

We've started the Casco Bay Writers' Group in Portland, Maine, and we're actively looking for volunteer contributing editors and writers to help build the Significato Journal to its next stage. Contact us for more info.

We've also created a way for our readers to donate to Significato and become a "Renaissance Patron". more
Significato Newsletter - 2010-002
This edition highlights the dire situation in North Korea, "The Prison Nation". June 25, 2010 was the sixtieth anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War. Now, North Korea is once again taking a belligerent stance toward the South. This is definitely a time to pray for peace. We also include a MusicViews column, inspiring quotes and bygone writings, two front page images and a humorous column about Hair Loss and World Peace. more
Significato Newsletter - 2010-001
We have a NEW Website!
This is our first newsletter since we changed our magazine domain to We have also moved the World Community Press website to We're using "", our old site, for email and other administrative things. We hope you like our redesign. more
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