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Significato Newsletter - 2013-001
ABC News has reported that "An early spring is on the way, according to groundhog 'Punxsutawney Phil.' When the Pennsylvania groundhog emerged from his dwelling at Gobbler's Knob Saturday morning, he did not see his shadow."

Here at Significato's offices in Portland, Maine, we're jumping up and down in our long underwear to hear that, because it's "wickit cold" up here. Just wickit. You don't believe us, come on up here and freeze your noses off! Spring is coming, we hope. So... here's our "Mid-Winter" newsletter that you can read over your hot chocolate.

We're also delighted to announce that we have a "Micro-Patron" option for the Significato Journal Renaissance Patron program. You can help Significato build and maintain a world of heart and love and beauty for only $2.50 a month! It's Easy, Automatic and Less than a cup of hot chocolate!!! Visit our Patron Page for more information: more
Significato Newsletter - 2012-007
We wish blessings and healing upon those affected by Hurricane Sandy, and all disasters, wars and events that have brought suffering to humanity and nature. As we approach the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2012, we wish for a universal awakening of respect, honor and love between all people and the whole of creation.

We've assembled a "Winter Solstice Edition", with items accumulated from the last five months. So... this newsletter has a lot of items in it. But don't worry: just skim down the headlines and click one :-). Our home page also has a "What's New" box. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All! more
Significato Newsletter - 2012-006
Greetings Fellow Earthlings! That might seem like a silly greeting but golly, that's what we are, and what a beautiful earth we share! In this newsletter we have some wisdom, some fun, some instructions and hopefully some beauty. We hope you are enjoying this exquisite summer. Blessings to all! more
Significato Newsletter - 2012-005
Howdy Dear Readers... The lilacs are blooming; the birds are building their nests and the bumblebees are sipping nectar. We hope you can find some nectar in your gardens, too. On the weekend of May 13th, we, Peter and Kimmy Sophia, celebrated our 33rd Engagement Anniversary along with Mother's Day. Peter wrote a wee poem for the occasion, called "Green Leaves and Rubies". May your springtime be lovely! more
Significato Newsletter - 2012-004
We're on a roll! Our goal is to send out updates every time we have five new items. Our hope is to send you things that uplift and inspire you, and that you might like to send on to people you know. There are so many incredible things going on in this world, and we want to help cross-pollinate the bits of beauty that we discover. We're also happy to announce that we've improved our "Renaissance Patron" program, so that interested parties can become "recurring patrons". Thanks for your interest! more
Significato Newsletter - 2012-003
"Oh frabjous day! Calloo! Callay!" We are chorting in our joy, because Maureen Spagnolo has joined our team. Maureen is the photojournalist who has graced us with many of her photographic compositions, and now she is the author of a new section on photography, called PhotoVoyance.

We also are delighted to showcase our first Guest Columnist, Ashok Nalamalapu, the founder of the Sadhana Spiritual Center in South Portland, Maine, with his column, "Letting Go Leads to Inner Flowering".

We've also posted our first video in our new YouTube Significato Films Video Channel, with a "Culture of Heart" video blog by Peter. more
Significato Newsletter - 2012-002
It can't be denied that spring is flirting with us, even up here in the north country. Friends of ours are tapping their maple trees, and Maple Sugar Sunday is only a month away. Smoke in the sugar shack is the first sign of spring around here, not the coming of robins or the bursting forth of crocuses! But whatever the norm is where you live, we are all on the same planet under the same stars, moon and sun. We hope you enjoy this offering on the eve of spring! more
Significato Newsletter - 2012-001
Well, Happy New Year Everybody! As the Venus Transit of June approaches, and the pages of the Mayan calendar run out, we welcome the unfolding year with prayers and hopes that this will be a better year for all humankind and all creation, down to the li'lest atom and particle. May we all meet our Squirrel of Destiny! And if you don't know what that means, ask Zebediah Clump. more
Significato Newsletter - 2011-003
Gee, doesn't time fly when you're having fun? This issue of Significato features a poem, entitled, Thanatopsis, (which means, meditations on death), written by William Cullen Bryant when he was seventeen years old. The notion of returning to the earth and being a part of 'all that is' was a very comforting thought to me (Kim) when I first read it when I was eighteen. We have some samplings of music, a recipe, a visit to a healer, beautiful photographs of our amazing planet and more. Enjoy! more
Significato Newsletter - 2011-002
We finally have a new newsletter system! You may notice that the way to unsubscribe is by clicking a web link at the bottom of this newsletter.

We have quite a few posts that have accumulated since our last newsletter; music, poetry, short stories and more - BUT - now that we have our new fancy, dancy newsletter system in place, we'll be able to send out newsletters more frequently, in more bite-sized chunks.

Also... we would like to announce our "Renaissance Patron" program. We invite you to read all about how to become a Renaissance Patron of the Significato Journal! more

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