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Significato Newsletter - 2013-008
The summer has finished, the autumnal equinox has passed, the harvest moon has waxed and waned, and we are slowly feeling cooler temperatures! To quell your shivering, Peter has written about the warmest coat in the world. Maureen has more excellent photography advice, and we have a sampling of poetry and music. Plus, we have joyous news about beagles freed from laboratories. Enjoy! more
Significato Newsletter - 2013-007
This is the last week of August, and even though there is another month of summer, the fact that schools are opening again makes us feel like the summer is coming to an end. Take that last swim, that last hour of sun-bathing, eat another bowl of fresh blueberries, or sleep out under the stars while you still can. Enjoy! more
Significato Newsletter - 2013-006
Happy Lammas Day Everybody! Lammas comes from the Old English word, "loaf-mass", a bygone harvest celebration. It is the day - officially August 1st - although this year it was August 6 - that falls between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox, heralding the half-way point of North American summer. Featuring the joyous face of the sunflower seems apropos for this. Savor this weather as our planet gently tilts its bashful face again. more
Significato Newsletter - 2013-005
We savor the final days of July, grateful for every ray of warm sun, the plethora of choices at the Farmers' Markets, and saturated colors of the earth and sky. In this issue we have music, humor, thoughts on the power of forgiveness, and more. Enjoy! more
Significato Newsletter - 2013-004
Beloved Friends: In the state of Maine we have had cold rainy days and sweltering sunny days, and all the different kinds of summer weather in between. We hope you have been managing where ever you are. We are offering video links now, and are excited to promote our first one with the poetry of a young Arab girl. To cope with life on the planet Earth, sometimes HUMOR comes in handy too. So we've included morsels of passion, humor, music, and more in this week's Significato feast. Enjoy! more
Significato Newsletter - 2013-003
Gentle Readers... it is Spring, on this Memorial Day, except in upstate New York, which got three feet of snow on Whiteface Mountain, and in Iowa, which experienced serious flooding. We almost feel guilty, since here in Portland, Maine, we went to Crescent Beach in our shirtsleeves and saw people sunning themselves in their bathing suits. We could say "bathing costumes", but we won't.

On this Memorial Day, we want to honor all people who gave their lives in service to a greater good. We hope that one day, such sacrifice will no longer be necessary. more
Significato Newsletter - 2013-002
Gollleee, Ladies and Gents! We don't know about all of you, but here in Maine we are eager for Spring! The Sugar Shacks are making maple syrup, and this Sunday is Maple Sugar Sunday! Mainers everywhere will be crowding to the sugar houses to have pancakes with this season's maple syrup. We've heard rumors of flowers blooming in places south of here. We can't wait for our turn. Many blessings to all as we move into Spring. Yay! more
Significato Newsletter - 2013-001
ABC News has reported that "An early spring is on the way, according to groundhog 'Punxsutawney Phil.' When the Pennsylvania groundhog emerged from his dwelling at Gobbler's Knob Saturday morning, he did not see his shadow."

Here at Significato's offices in Portland, Maine, we're jumping up and down in our long underwear to hear that, because it's "wickit cold" up here. Just wickit. You don't believe us, come on up here and freeze your noses off! Spring is coming, we hope. So... here's our "Mid-Winter" newsletter that you can read over your hot chocolate.

We're also delighted to announce that we have a "Micro-Patron" option for the Significato Journal Renaissance Patron program. You can help Significato build and maintain a world of heart and love and beauty for only $2.50 a month! It's Easy, Automatic and Less than a cup of hot chocolate!!! Visit our Patron Page for more information: more
Significato Newsletter - 2012-007
We wish blessings and healing upon those affected by Hurricane Sandy, and all disasters, wars and events that have brought suffering to humanity and nature. As we approach the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2012, we wish for a universal awakening of respect, honor and love between all people and the whole of creation.

We've assembled a "Winter Solstice Edition", with items accumulated from the last five months. So... this newsletter has a lot of items in it. But don't worry: just skim down the headlines and click one :-). Our home page also has a "What's New" box. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All! more
Significato Newsletter - 2012-006
Greetings Fellow Earthlings! That might seem like a silly greeting but golly, that's what we are, and what a beautiful earth we share! In this newsletter we have some wisdom, some fun, some instructions and hopefully some beauty. We hope you are enjoying this exquisite summer. Blessings to all! more
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