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Significato Newsletter - 2015-005
Greetings from luminous springtime in Maine! We in the northern hemisphere are finally thawing out, surrounded by lush green leaves and fragrant blossoms. Enjoy the warmth wherever you are, and then read some inspiration here about people advocating for good. Our friend, Eiji Yoshikawa, has been visiting schools and inspiring young people to follow their dreams. Veronika Scott of Detroit invented a sleeping bag/coat to help the homeless. Virginia Woolf encouraged women 85 years ago to follow the call to write.

Despite the violent and cruel things happening across our dear earth, there are many people serving and contributing to strengthen the bonds between us living here. We send prayers to Nepal, and Syria, and all the places where suffering is dire. Thanks for reading. more
Significato Newsletter - 2015-004
Dear Folks, Last night was the Blood Moon Eclipse, which we couldn't see in Maine because of cloud cover. Last month we adjusted our clocks to Daylight Saving Time, and this weekend we celebrate Passover and Easter. Surely the earth is shifting with light and we are now between the phases of the Vernal Equinox and the Summer Solstice. All around us in the Northern Hemisphere (the only place we've ever lived,) the buds are blooming and the birds are singing, and the natural world is birthing its young. Enjoy these new beginnings and be blessed by nature's bounty. more
Significato Newsletter - 2015-003
Dear Folks, We've been listening to music and shoveling snow, and watching British television and shoveling snow. Now we are on the brink of spring, awaiting crocuses and daffodils but before they come we'll probably shovel some more snow. If you have the good fortune to live in a place where you're shoveling sand, well then you can thank your lucky stars! Please savor these few offerings and we'll soon be sending out another missive which is waiting in the wings. May blessings surround you as we move from the dark winter months into the light of spring. more
Significato Newsletter - 2015-002
Dear Friends: I have the great pleasure to announce that we will be publishing a new book soon, called:

The Living Compass of Kindness and Compassionate Love

~ Eighty-Eight Essays, Poems, and Stories about Building a World of Love and Beauty

This newsletter has the link to the announcement. more
Significato Newsletter - 2015-001
Dear Friends: We are sending a second newsletter, with just one item, as our first newsletter of 2015.

The headline is "The Beautiful Gifts of the Spirit World," and will hopefully prove to be inspiring as we enter the new year.

Love and blessings, Peter and Kim more
Significato Newsletter - 2014-007
Dear Friends, A large gap occurred between this newsletter and the last one that we published in July. We were assembling content in October, when I received word that my older brother had been placed under hospice care. I dropped everything and traveled to San Francisco where I sat by my brother's bedside. We had a lovely time reconnecting after the long time since we'd last seen each other. He passed away on November 12th. I took some time after that to ponder about life. Please forgive the tardiness of this newsletter, but know that Peter and I send it offering you blessings and prayers for the New Year of 2015. more
Significato Newsletter - 2014-006
Peter has written an essay about seeking an intimate relationship with the divine, and another essay about incarnational human rights. Henry Beston and his wife, Elizabeth Coatsworth, both now deceased, were 20th Century writers from Maine. We feature a brief excerpt from Beston's nature classic, "The Outermost House," as well as a lovely poem about a summer storm by Ms. Coatsworth. Severe typhoons have pummeled the Philippines twice in the last year: see how you can help. The video we posted featuring Valerie Taylor and her unexpectedly affectionate eel friend helps to reinforce our belief that all things respond to love. Enjoy! more
Significato Newsletter - 2014-005
Summer, summer summer! We thought it would never come. Everywhere we look is the ample, vital, opulent wealth of green leaves, the intoxicating fragrance of lilacs and wild roses, the insistent lawns poking up again soon after mowing, the incessant chatter and song of birds building nests and raising young. We are excited when we see bees on the clovers and wild flowers, and we pray for their survival. We hope for the coming of the butterflies too, and the bats at night, and for the bounty of our gardens, and wild herbs and berries. Summer is a welcome guest, we cherish her brief and sunny visit! more
Significato Newsletter - 2014-004
As I look out my window I see bright green buds on the lilac bushes, I hear birds singing in the trees, and see the grass awakening. This morning in the rain, I saw worms on the pavement. (Why do they do that?) In this volume of The Significato Journal, Photovoyant, Maureen Spagnolo, has advice about photographing what you're passionate about, Grace Brown wrote about her love for musician, Tom Waits, and we are featuring a review of singer, Mary Fahl, in concert. Don't miss her if she has a show in your area, she is a force of nature. We hope this finds you well and we wish you an ecstatically happy spring! more
Significato Newsletter - 2014-003
Dylan Thomas wrote; "Here in this ornamental winter, Down pelts the naked weather", and boy did we experience that in North America this year. But April has come now, and the birds are nesting, the earthworms are wiggling, and some of us are hanging our warm coats away for a while. Please enjoy the morsels here including a lovely swim with whales in Hawaii with guest writer, Leslie Foxfire Stager, as well as learning a bit about the huge parental heart of Abraham Lincoln in an article by William Kashatus. Thank you for joining us, and enjoy! more
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