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Significato Newsletter - 2017-010
This week's video is titled "The Golden Sphere Inside Us All"

It is often difficult to see the goodness in another person. It is even harder, sometimes, to see the goodness in ourselves.

How can we discover and appreciate the beauty in our own soul, and also perceive beauty and goodness in others?

YouTube Channel: "Love, Freedom, & the World." more
Significato Newsletter - 2017-009
You may have noticed that over the last two months, we've only been publishing videos. That's not a permanent change. :-) We WILL be publishing our normal menu of items, as soon as we can.

Kimmy Sophia has had an "interesting" year, with two knee replacements and a job, etc. So, she's been a bit maxed out. Please have patience... she'll be coming back to SigJ as soon as possible. Even with Kimmy returning to the magazine, I'll still be doing a weekly video newsletter, mixed in with our regular newsletters. ~ Peter

This week's video is titled "Freedom from Tyranny: A Manifesto of Human Rights for All"

Why should human beings oppose tyranny? Are there universal truths about the human condition that provide the foundation for all of us to thoroughly reject tyranny, now and in the future? --- I present here a manifesto that is available to download as a one page PDF that you may freely print and distribute.

YouTube Channel: "Love, Freedom, & the World." more
Significato Newsletter - 2017-008
This week's video is titled "A Rich Life of Joy and Beauty ~ An alternative to philosophical and religious totalitarianism"

It's a new version of a video I did a few years ago. New and Improved. :-)

YouTube Channel: "Love, Freedom, & the World." more
Significato Newsletter - 2017-007
This week's video is titled "The True Identity of Humans"

What is a human being? Who are we? What is our identity? Are we simply evolved from squirmy, squiggly, little things? Are we proud that we’re smarter than our granduncle Frankie the Baboon? Or are we created by a divine intelligence of love? If we are, what impact does that reality have on human relations?

YouTube Channel: "Love, Freedom, & the World." more
Significato Newsletter - 2017-006
This week's video is titled "The Living Compass of Kindness and Compassionate Love"

It is a curious reality of humankind that a person can be supremely confident and yet entirely wrong. How can we be confident about the truth? How can we go beyond the conflicts that are dividing our world?

YouTube Channel: "Love, Freedom, & the World." more
Significato Newsletter - 2017-005
This week's video is titled "The True Love Thing to Do: Finding Love and Preparing for an Enduring Marriage"

Why should teenagers and young adults save themselves till marriage, and why is this “the true love thing to do”? --- Some teenagers might even say, “We enjoy sex. Why should we wait until marriage to have sex when we don’t even believe in marriage?”

The True Love Thing to Do answers these questions, based on the premise that love and happiness and healthy sexuality are all intertwined.

YouTube Channel: "Love, Freedom, & the World." more
Significato Newsletter - 2017-004
This week's video is titled "No One Can Stop Us from Loving Others."

In today's turbulent world, I believe that the one thing we can control is how much love we give to others.

YouTube Channel: "Love, Freedom, & the World." more
Significato Newsletter - 2017-003
This issue is special because it contains five new YouTube videos (as well as two MusicView reviews by Kimmy Sophia). Two of the videos are newly digitized speeches that I gave: one in 2001 and one in 2011.

The most recent three videos have all been published over the last three weeks and are the first three videos of my newly rebooted YouTube Channel: "Love, Freedom, & the World." I hope that you enjoy the videos. More are on the way. ~ Peter more
Significato Newsletter - 2017-002
"I know a bank where the wild thyme blows, Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows, Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine, With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine." This quote from William Shakespeare really expresses the beauty and bounty of summer. We hope these pages uplift your soul along with the yellow beams of sunshine, the cooling forest greens and the bright calm of the summer sky. Thanks for checking in with us.

(By the way, we haven't sent out a newsletter as soon as we would have liked because I just went through two total knee replacement surgeries, and between the meds and the pain I was in no condition to create anything. Thanks for your patience! - Kim) more
Significato Newsletter - 2017-001
Blessed be the coming spring! As Scottish ecologist and thinker Sir Patrick Geddes said, "By leaves we live." His simple observation is almost a mantra for meditation. Soon the miracle of new leaves and flowers will burst before us in all their color and fragrance, birds will find mates and build nests, and all the other animals will follow in kind. May our love for this earth protect and care for her as we navigate our way through all the human drama and folly. Hopefully, we will rise above what ails us and meet the future with wisdom and much, much love. Teresa of Avila once said, "The important thing is not to think much, but to love much, and so do that which much stirs you to love." We might add, let our thinking be love-centered as well. more
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