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Vol/Num: 2018-008
Feb 24, 2018

“Significato” is the Italian word for “meaning” or “value”, as in “the meaning of life”. The Significato Newsletter displays links to new items published in our online Significato Journal. It is emailed for free to subscribers. To view an item in full, click on one of the links below.

From the Editors:
This week, Kim has written a reflection about communication and how it impacts our lives. We also have a lovely photo of a pond in the back field, and two poems.

Peter's video this week is called "Joyful Love: Confessions of a nursery school student in God’s school of love."

Love and blessings!

~ Peter and Kimmy

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Separations and Connections
Thoughts about human communication
by Kimmy Sophia Brown
Feb 24, 2018
A while back my daughter and a dear friend of hers from New Zealand were talking and laughing during a Skype call. I walked through the room to get something and waved at the friend, over 9,000 miles away, who waved back. more

Video: Joyful Love: Confessions of a nursery school student in God’s school of love
~ YouTube Video
by Peter Falkenberg Brown
Feb 24, 2018
Is the universe a random creation, or an example of love, expressed by a creator to human beings? How can that example of love teach us to become better human beings? more

Stillness of a Maine Farm Pond in Winter
I took this picture with the camera on my phone while walking in the woods behind our house. Note the tracks on the pond which include wild turkeys and other small animals. Just a sublime morning in the quiet of the natural world. (Kimmy Sophia Brown)
Feb 24, 2018

Whistler's Mother
by Kimmy Sophia Brown
Feb 23, 2018
If you put Whistler’s Mother in a pair
of jeans and muckboots,
and pull her gray hair
back into a pony tail more

The Rooster
by Kimmy Sophia Brown
Feb 23, 2018
The song of a soul is a funny thing.
The rooster up the road crows
fifty times a day... more


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