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Vol/Num: 2017-001
Mar 14, 2017

“Significato” is the Italian word for “meaning” or “value”, as in “the meaning of life”. The Significato Newsletter displays links to new items published in our online Significato Journal. It is emailed for free to subscribers. To view an item in full, click on one of the links below.

From the Editors:
Blessed be the coming spring! As Scottish ecologist and thinker Sir Patrick Geddes said, "By leaves we live." His simple observation is almost a mantra for meditation. Soon the miracle of new leaves and flowers will burst before us in all their color and fragrance, birds will find mates and build nests, and all the other animals will follow in kind. May our love for this earth protect and care for her as we navigate our way through all the human drama and folly. Hopefully, we will rise above what ails us and meet the future with wisdom and much, much love. Teresa of Avila once said, "The important thing is not to think much, but to love much, and so do that which much stirs you to love." We might add, let our thinking be love-centered as well.

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Mary and Her Best Friend
~ Girl, dog, and training create dynamic relationship of love ~
Mar 2, 2017
All we feel is admiration for the beautiful relationship shared by Mary and her beloved dog, Secret. more

William and Michael Vanquish the Abominable Snow Mountains
Local boys help the world by serving their community!
Feb 25, 2017
The onset of heavy snow in deep Maine winter can be compared to that thing people say about a woman having a baby – that you forget what it’s like until it happens again. more

Moby Mashed Potato
by Kimmy Sophia Brown
Feb 16, 2017
I’ve just come in from shoveling snow from the third consecutive winter storm this week. This, with the cartilage-free zones of my knees which are about to be guillotined from my legs and replaced with metal and plastic joints next month. more

Mechthild of Magdeburg - A Wondrous Place Where We Speak of Love
~ Visionary writing from a 13th Century Mystic ~
Feb 7, 2017
“That prayer has great power which a person makes with all his might. It makes a sour heart sweet, a sad heart merry, a poor heart rich, a foolish heart wise, a timid heart brave, a sick heart well, a blind heart full of sight, a cold heart ardent... more

A Haunted Beauty
Maureen Spagnolo says about this shot: "A road less traveled - taking a turn off the main highway can lead to treasures like this one where one just has to stop and look: An abandoned farmhouse with a dusting of snow; a haunted beauty where folks once lived and flourished in Maryland." (Click on image to see larger version)
Jan 29, 2017

Phil Vassar - American Soul
~ CD Review ~
by Kimmy Sophia Brown
Jan 27, 2017
From the opening chords of “American Soul” I was riveted. Phil has an epic room-filling style. more

Rick Adams - Curves
~ CD Review ~
by Kimmy Sophia Brown
Jan 19, 2017
Rick makes me smile because he comes up with little ditties that crack me up. “Boss Ain't Here”, includes the lines: more

Jubilant Bridge - A Bell, A Bird, A Star
Jubilant Bridge
~ a gem of a Christmas album ~
by Kimmy Sophia Brown
Jan 18, 2017
One can hardly listen to Christmas carols any more without thinking about credit cards, discounts and smartphone apps. That’s why this album is such a treasure... more

Roland Pearsall - Sell Your Soul
~ CD Review ~
by Kimmy Sophia Brown
Jan 18, 2017
It is always impressive when a person creates an entire album playing all the instruments and performing all the singing parts by themselves... more

The Universe is Made of Love
~ received in prayer on New Year's Day, 2017
by Peter Falkenberg Brown
Jan 1, 2017
When two humans meet and regard each other as sacred creatures resonating with the love and beauty of the universe, a musical chord moves across the expanse. Real peace between humans is birthed at the soul level, where love begins. In that place, each human is equal, and free to resonate with their own unique and mysterious connection to the Source. more

The God Who is Always with Us
by Peter Falkenberg Brown
Dec 1, 2016
From God, my Dear Beloved:
The more you become aware that I am made of love and with that love I am inhabiting you, living with you and as you, and also surrounding you with my embrace—the more you become aware of my presence of love, then the more you will be able to Be Love. You will grow into a Being of Love, expressing love with every breath, thinking and feeling love in every moment. Your nature that I created is to be love, to live as a Being of Love. more


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