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Vol/Num: 2015-004
Apr 4, 2015

“Significato” is the Italian word for “meaning” or “value”, as in “the meaning of life”. The Significato Newsletter displays links to new items published in our online Significato Journal. It is emailed for free to subscribers. To view an item in full, click on one of the links below.

From the Editors:
Dear Folks, Last night was the Blood Moon Eclipse, which we couldn't see in Maine because of cloud cover. Last month we adjusted our clocks to Daylight Saving Time, and this weekend we celebrate Passover and Easter. Surely the earth is shifting with light and we are now between the phases of the Vernal Equinox and the Summer Solstice. All around us in the Northern Hemisphere (the only place we've ever lived,) the buds are blooming and the birds are singing, and the natural world is birthing its young. Enjoy these new beginnings and be blessed by nature's bounty.

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Singing to Bentley
~ Corinne DiLorenzo and Bentley ~
Apr 4, 2015
"Bentley is my rescued 9-month-old pot-bellied pig and resident of the sanctuary I founded, EARTH Animal Sanctuary," explained Corinne DiLorenzo, who is also a trained opera singer. more

Amma on Divine Motherhood
Mar 29, 2015
Anyone who has the courage to overcome the limitations of the mind will attain the state of universal motherhood. more

Tree Bathed in a Rosy Glow
"The rose light is calm,
the tree extends her deep roots.
Leaves are born. Our joy."
Maureen Spagnolo took this shot of the Sidwell Friends Tree in the mist.
Kimmy Sophia Brown wrote this little haiku to accompany it. (Click for larger image)
Mar 4, 2015

Six Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World
~ Ted Talk by author and scientist Paul Stamets ~
Mar 3, 2015
Paul Stamets is a scientist, an inventor, and the author of Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Save the World, as well as other books. more

John and Rachel Nicholas - Here You Are
John and Rachel Nicholas
~ CD Review ~
by Kimmy Sophia Brown
Mar 1, 2015
The music of John and Rachel Nicholas is all about passion. I hear it in the harmony of their voices and in the music and lyrics they write. I saw them last summer at the Swans Island Sweet Chariot Festival. more

Douglas Day - Barefoot to the Sea
Douglas Day - Oddfellows Hall, Swans Island, Maine
~ CD Review ~
by Kimmy Sophia Brown
Feb 8, 2015
On the idyllic cover photo of his 1993 album "Barefoot to the Sea", athletic and handsome Douglas Day is gripping a guitar in one hand while leaping above ocean waves. more

Mark Erelli - Milltowns
~ CD Review ~ Tribute to Bill Morrissey
by Kimmy Sophia Brown
Feb 2, 2015
This album is a tribute to singer/songwriter Bill Morrissey, who passed away too young and too soon. more


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