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Vol/Num: 2014-007
Dec 31, 2014

“Significato” is the Italian word for “meaning” or “value”, as in “the meaning of life”. The Significato Newsletter displays links to new items published in our online Significato Journal. It is emailed for free to subscribers. To view an item in full, click on one of the links below.

From the Editors:
Dear Friends, A large gap occurred between this newsletter and the last one that we published in July. We were assembling content in October, when I received word that my older brother had been placed under hospice care. I dropped everything and traveled to San Francisco where I sat by my brother's bedside. We had a lovely time reconnecting after the long time since we'd last seen each other. He passed away on November 12th. I took some time after that to ponder about life. Please forgive the tardiness of this newsletter, but know that Peter and I send it offering you blessings and prayers for the New Year of 2015.

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Inanna Sisters In Rhythm "One Love, One Heart" Winter Solstice Concert
inanna sisters in rhythm under the sun
Venue: One Longfellow Square, Portland ME ~ December 21, 2014 ~
by Kimmy Sophia Brown
Dec 31, 2014
On December 21st, Peter and I went to see Inanna Sisters in Rhythm’s “One Love, One Heart” Winter Solstice Celebration - our third time seeing them at One Longfellow Square. My, my, my they get better with age. What a group of gorgeous, talented women! more

Fascinating Ice at Swallowfalls
Swallowfalls Md
Maureen Spagnolo took this shot at Swallowfalls, Maryland, which shows the mystery and beauty of the frozen waterfall in the dead of winter. Maureen says "The frozen falls look like a magical fairyland, glistening in the sun - which has no effect other than to create sparkles."
Dec 7, 2014

Eli Wallach and Me
Actor Eli Wallach passed away at the age of 98 on June 24th, 2014. Eiji Yoshikawa shares his personal experience with Mr. Wallach here. (Click on images to see larger versions.)
by Eiji Yoshikawa
Nov 16, 2014
Eli Wallach’s first movie role was playing a Sicilian immigrant in Elia Kazan’s 1956 award-winning film, Baby Doll. more

Marilynne Robinson: Generosity of Spirit
Marilynne Robinson
Oct 21, 2014
“the language of public life has lost the character of generosity...” more

The Maryland Renaissance Fair - A Good Day Out!
by Maureen Spagnolo
Oct 21, 2014
You arrive as spectator, and are soon transformed into a participant. The Maryland Renaissance Festival embraces you as you step through the gates into Revel Grove—a 16th century English village with maypole dancing, knights jousting, me-ladies parading... more

To Be A Monster
Writer's Digest Poem a Day Challenge, Top Ten Winner for Day 27, 2014
by Kimmy Sophia Brown
Oct 12, 2014
Monsters like the sight of blood, and dragging victims through the mud. more

Autumn Sings a Minor Key
Maureen Spagnolo captured the feeling of autumn in this ineffable shot.
Oct 7, 2014

Swans Island Sweet Chariot Festival, 2014
Rowboats on Swans Island
Venue: Swan’s Island, Maine ~ August 5, 6, and 7, 2014 ~
by Kimmy Sophia Brown
Oct 5, 2014
The Sweet Chariot Festival is one of the best kept musical secrets in Maine. It was conceived as the brainchild of Doug Day of Camden, Maine (and Swans Island too) twenty-five years ago.. more

Capsule Review: PhraseExpander 4 is a 5-Star Program
~ Editor’s Choice – 5 Stars ~
by Peter Falkenberg Brown
Sep 7, 2014
All in all, I vote wholeheartedly for PhraseExpander. Version 4 solved the major issues that I had with it, and I’m now very satisfied with the program. more


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