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Significato Newsletter - 2019-002
Dear Friends,

In Maine, Spring really is here, finally! We've had a bit of a delay with our newsletters this last quarter, with a variety of things happening. Kim went into the hospital with pneumonia and had three other infections as well, including one in her blood. Oy vey! But she's home and working and much better.

This newsletter has a revised and expanded redo of a previous video, The True Identity of Humans, as well as the essay version (with images) of a video I did previously, about the existence and nature of God.

Enjoy the chirping birds! Until next time . . .

~ Peter & Kimmy Sophia more
Significato Newsletter - 2019-001
Dear Friends,

The January Thaw was a lie. To mourn that sad fact, Peter wrote a poem about ice and mockery.

But in Good News Israeli scientists may have found a cure for cancer. The thought of ice just melts away!

We also present a video by Peter . . .

Happy thoughts of a spring that might come, one day!

~ Peter & Kimmy Sophia more
Significato Newsletter - 2018-020
Dear Friends,

We began to gather holiday content at the beginning of December - including Bill Federer's research on St. Nicholas, and a link to Circle Sanctuary's article on the Winter Solstice. We also got an up-close and personal photo of Michelangelo's incomparable statue, the Pieta, which commemorates the death of Christ, rather than his birth, but we thought it fitting to feature his presence in this issue.

There are two submissions by Peter - a video, and another sample of "Divine Writing Selections."

We're also very happy to provide a short quote and link to Brain Pickings, Maria Popova's incredibly well-researched blog about what is truly meaningful on earth. She is a champion of gleaning the fields of inspiration and gathering them all into one place.

We say farewell to a year which brought both blessings and sorrows to our human family, and we bid hello to 2019, welcoming it here with the hope that our awareness of our common connection can deepen. We pray for the enlightenment of all humanity, for the burden on our beloved planet to be lessened, and for human rights and freedom to be protected, honored and enlarged all over the globe. ~ Peter & Kimmy Sophia more
Significato Newsletter - 2018-019
Dear Friends,

We are stunned by the turn of the world again, such that the bronze woods surround us and the trees are going bare. The constancy of our dear earth is ever a comfort.

We have a link to our favorite magazine, Parabola, with an article by a shaman and how he does the ayahuasca ceremony. A poem from Kimmy, a nod to Fiona Ritchie, the wonderful host of The Thistle and Shamrock on NPR, and a video by Toby Hemenway, the author of Gaia's Garden.

We have a video from Peter called "Divine Writing Communion Selections."

Wishing you blessed holidays and love in all the parts of your lives! ~ Peter & Kimmy Sophia more
Significato Newsletter - 2018-018
Dear Friends,

It's been a busy summer for us, but here's our first newsletter of the lovely autumn that is now moving across Maine with leaves just beginning to change their colors.

We have two poems from Kimmy: about the scent of ladybugs and the song of crickets.

We have a video from Peter called "Creating a Culture of Kindness."

Love and Blessings! ~ Peter & Kimmy Sophia more
Significato Newsletter - 2018-017
Dear Friends,
It's HOT! The "Feels-Like" temperature in Maine today was 98! Zowie!

In this edition, we have a lovely poem by Kimmy about her mother, a photo from Deer Isle, Maine, and a reflection by Kimmy about "The Arc of a Life."

We also have a video and audio-only podcast from Peter called "Reflections on Drinking from the Source of Love."

Love and Blessings! ~ Peter & Kimmy Sophia more
Significato Newsletter - 2018-016
Dear Friends,

Happy Fourth of July!! It's boiling hot in Maine, so stay cool! Eat watermelon!

We've adopted a new kitten named "Tovi Zoom Zoom," so we've included a photo of the wee thing.

We also have a video from Peter about "Drinking from the Source of Love."

Love and Blessings! ~ Peter & Kimmy Sophia more
Significato Newsletter - 2018-015
Dear Friends,

This issue of Significato has a number of poems honoring the life of our beloved dog, Indi, who ascended on April 26, 2018, as well as a photo of Indi with our son Tymon, and finally, a video by Peter about "Courtship 2.0."

Love and Blessings! ~ Peter & Kimmy Sophia more
Significato Newsletter - 2018-014
Dear Friends,

Well, NOW it's spring! Little flowers are popping up all over our land; in the grass and among the trees where the tiny frogs -- the peepers -- are wildly singing every night. Spring is indeed the time of rebirth, and we wish all of you a splendid rebirth in everything that you do, during this magnificent, new spring!

Love and Blessings! ~ Peter & Kimmy Sophia more
Significato Newsletter - 2018-013
Dear Friends,

It snowed again. Oy! But in spite of that, we have a lovely poem by Kim about her long-lost childhood dog, as well as some poetic prose, and a photo by our daughter, Grace, for the front page.

I'm also highlighting a video published earlier this year, called:
"Is There a God and What is God Like? ~ Exploring the evidence of love"

If you have friends or family that question God's existence, they might find this video interesting.

Love and Blessings! ~ Peter more
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