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Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Feb 12, 2012

Posted by Kimmy Sophia Brown

PigOne of the organizations we support is Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. They are doinggreat work to end the suffering of animals in laboratories. I am very inspired about the efforts they are making to help end experiments on chimpanzees, dogs, cats and other animals, acquired from animal shelters and other places.

They have a wealth of documented research regarding health, nutritionand the problems incurred by factory farming. Not only are the deplorable conditions agony for the animals but cause numerous health risks to people.

Below is one of the questions answered on the FAQ section oftheir website.

“1. What concerns are raised by the use of animals for medical andscientific experiments?
Serious ethical concerns are raised by the use of animals in experimental studies, particularly when the animals are subjected to captivity, invasive or painful procedures, or toxic exposures. These concerns are heightened by PCRMresearchers’ findings that animals exhibit signs of mood and anxiety disorders and a review of the scientific literature showing marked stress responses in animals undergoing routine laboratory procedures, such as caging, isolation, handling, and blood collection.

In addition to the ethical issues, the profound differences in anatomy,physiology, and genetics between humans and animals make animals poor models for humans. Results from research on animals cannot reliably be extrapolated to humans and in most instances animals have been poor predictors for how humans will respond to drugs, treatments, or diseases. Read the PCRMposition paper on animal research

Please visit their website at You can join and give a monthly donation or help in other ways.

Image(s) from Wikimedia Commons

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