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What is PhotoVoyance?

Clearly, it's a made-up word, and is used to emphasize the concept of taking photos with vision and clarity. Looking at our world through a lens can awaken an awareness of the poignancy of life's moments. This column will address both vision and techniques that may facilitate memorable captures.

Actors The Maryland Renaissance Fair - A Good Day Out!
You arrive as spectator, and are soon transformed into a participant. The Maryland Renaissance Festival embraces you as you step through the gates into Revel Grove—a 16th century English village with maypole dancing, knights jousting, me-ladies parading... more
Sunny Fall Morning Shoot the "Wow"
So, we've been taking photographs for years and years – shots of our children growing up, and of their special days, and maybe if we’re old enough, shots of our grandkids. more
Seeing the Light - Part Two Seeing the Light - Part Two
~ Part 2: The Colors of Light ~
Seeing a rainbow is always a treat – and reminds us that light consists of all those colors, though we're usually blind to them. more
Seeing the Light - Part One Seeing the Light - Part One
~ Part 1: The Quality of Light ~
You may have heard photographers talk about “the magic hour” - which is essentially the hour or so on each side of sunrise and sunset when the light is golden, and when textures, shadows and colors are warm and vivid. more
No More Boring Photos! No More Boring Photos!
~ Learn to See ~
Don't let your eyes restrict you to what you see. Allow your mind to direct your creation - turning a snapshot into a work of art conveying a vision true to yourself. more
Photography: A Way of Seeing or Recording 'A Moment' Photography:
A Way of Seeing or Recording ‘A Moment’
We are all photographers – any of us who have picked up a camera, and snapped a photograph. Why do we do it? Often, to capture the moment. more
Exposure Triangle Exposure Triangle
Photography is about capturing light. Without light, there is no image. Since the invention of photography, the image captured on light-sensitive material has been called an exposure. more
Know Your Tools Know Your Tools
“It’s not like I saw it,” I heard a woman recently exclaim to her companion at the tidal basin in Washington DC. She was looking at the screen on her small digital camera, having just taken a snapshot of the cherry blossoms highlighting the Jefferson Memorial. more
Reverie Land Reverie Land
When our dear dog, Sparkie, was euthanized a year ago, I found myself searching for images of her to chronicle her life with us... more
“The Epiphany of Zebediah Clump”
Watch our first film right here.
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