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The Culture of Kindness

What is the "Culture of Kindness"? The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language defines culture as "The totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought." This column is dedicated to the belief that the ethical underpinning of a peaceful "culture of kindness" can and should be the concept that "kindness and compassionate love for others" has the highest value.

Note that this column was previously called "The Culture of Heart." I have changed the name in order to create a more specific focus.

The Mowgli Factor
The Mowgli Factor is the strange phenomenon that occurs when a child is partially or completely denied access to the thousands of years of culture, civilization, knowledge, ethics and spiritual teachings that have brought humankind forward to its relatively enlightened state. more
A Basic Tool Kit for a Renaissance Life
~ a proposal for a curriculum of creativity and imagination for children ~
I propose that schools everywhere adopt a very comprehensive program of creativity and imagination, from the earliest grades, that will provide every student with a Basic Tool Kit for a Renaissance Life. With training like this, I believe that children will leave behind the phenomenon of being stuck in cultural deserts with no vision, and instead gain a magnificent view of their own potential and capability to benefit the world. more
A Rich Life of Joy and Beauty
~ an alternative to philosophical and religious totalitarianism ~
One of the questions facing the world today is how to mesh the moral imperatives of religion with the rights of all individuals to pursue happiness in a free and democratic society. more
Love, Democracy and the Survival of the World
Is there any reason to hope that we, as individuals, can impact the world by walking the path of love? Can one person make a difference? more
Looking for Love in the Muslim, Christian and Jewish Worlds Looking for Love in the Muslim, Christian and Jewish Worlds
~ the global renunciation of religious violence and bigotry ~
What will happen to the Muslim world if radical Islamic terrorists destroy the Western world, through nuclear or biological terrorism? What will happen to the Muslim world if all the Western “infidels” are killed, or converted at the end of a sword? Will it be a world that the vast majority of Muslims will enjoy living in? more
The Power of Eternal Goals
Our work and creativity and contributions to others don’t stop at the point of “death”, but continue forever. more
"Dark Energy", A Clean Sky and Personal Flying Vehicles
In a previous column, “How Personal Flying Vehicles Will Change Society”, I wrote about the idea that personal flying vehicles could use some type of “antigravity” solution to stay aloft. This was based on my layman’s view (for I am not a scientist) that the first priority of a personal flying vehicle (PFV) is to not fall down and go “boom”. more
El Matrimonio Trino y Eterno como la Nueva Definición del Matrimonio
The original column ("Eternal Triune Marriage as the New Definition of Marriage"), is published here, in English.
“Hasta que la muerte nos separe” ha sido por mucho tiempo la promesa de fidelidad y amor entre un hombre y una mujer que se unen en matrimonio. more
Let's Sever the Decapitation Scenes
An examination of graphic violence in television and film.
Now, in 2007, the graphic violence that is often a part of horror films and slasher movies seems to have taken root in mainstream television programs. Many movies that are not billed as horror movies have adopted extreme standards in their depictions of graphic violence. more
Losing My Beard for John Adams
On May 7, 2007, I went with three of our children and acted with them as extras at the "John Adams" mini-series shoot (Part 2), in Goochland, Virginia. I played a "Boston Towns Person". (Our fourth child, Tymon, was an extra in Part 1.) This page shows the absolutely horrible tongue in cheek trauma that I suffered, as I was *forced*!!! to shave my beard (after six years!) — since Boston Towns Persons didn't have beards. Drat them! Oh, the Tyranny of Fashion! Here, for your potential amusement, is the pictorial history of my dreadful loss. Who knows — perhaps one day I'll be an actor. more
“The Epiphany of Zebediah Clump”
Watch our first film right here.
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