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The Culture of Kindness

What is the "Culture of Kindness"? The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language defines culture as "The totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought." This column is dedicated to the belief that the ethical underpinning of a peaceful "culture of kindness" can and should be the concept that "kindness and compassionate love for others" has the highest value.

Note that this column was previously called "The Culture of Heart." I have changed the name in order to create a more specific focus.

Reflections on Drinking from the Source of Love
(Part Two)
Why do flowers have this effect on human beings? Why is it that we can also completely lose touch with the beauty of nature, caught up as we sometimes are with the pain and grind of daily life? more
The Fires of Hope, Love and Determination to Save the World
~ advancing the daily campaign to multiply goodness ~
On a recent Saturday afternoon, I found myself sitting in our bedroom, staring through the window at the world outside, overcome with gloom. The threat of nuclear suitcase bombs and other terrors weighed heavily on my heart. ... Then I got mad. Mad at despair and hopelessness. Mad at the lie contained in the spirit of defeat. more
To the Death of Tyranny: Building Nations of Freedom, Responsibility, and Love
~ Lessons from the victims and children of communism ~
Her answer truly surprised me. She said that she thought that Albania had been much better under communism. We didn’t chat for very long, but she referred to corruption and human trafficking, which she implied didn’t happen under communism. I wished her well, with the hope that Albania could find a better alternative. more
Courtship Version 2.0
~ finding the right marriage partner without the emotional baggage of premarital sex ~
It’s probably a safe bet that today’s teenagers and young men and women never give a moment’s thought to the words “courtship” and “courting”. Young ladies that have seen Keira Knightley in her role as Elizabeth Bennet, in the movie Pride and Prejudice, might recognize the term, but only as a quaint tradition that has absolutely nothing to do with the 21st century. more
Creating an Idea-Friendly Culture
~ Why we should ask for, and then listen to, everyone’s ideas.
Listening to new ideas is surprisingly difficult for both leaders and followers. Members of a group may scorn an idea when it is presented by a fellow member, but enthusiastically endorse the same idea if it is presented by one of the leaders of the group whom they hold in high respect. Other ideas may get shot down until they are successful. Then, proverbially, people say that they supported the idea all along. more
Coming Home to Maine
On September 10, 2007, we arrived at our winter rental in Windham, on Little Sebago Lake. It was raining and getting dark, but luckily some good friends arrived and emptied our twenty-six foot Penske truck in an hour and a half. It was quite astonishing, since it had taken two very tortuous days to fill it. more
The Magnificent Divinity of Women
I believe that one of the great disorders of the world is a misunderstanding of the value and role of women. This misunderstanding has been propagated by men and accepted by far too many women. In a history dominated by violence, men found it easy to oppress women, and thought of all sorts of clever justifications for the relegation of women to the status of second class citizens. more
Universal Foreign Policies of Unselfish Love
It is in this environment of a looming global catastrophe that the peaceful nations of the world must rise up and adopt universal foreign policies of unselfish love. While we continue to stand strong, with total commitment and absolute military vigilance against violent and dangerous tyrants like Ahmadinejad, we must also adopt a much more comprehensive and far-reaching foreign policy that deals with the breeding ground of violence: the human heart. more
The Golden Sphere Inside Us All
What is it that we love, in ourselves and in others? At first, our answers might include a variety of personality traits, such as humor and wit and charm. We are drawn to others for many reasons, both noble and ignoble. Even though we may be temporarily fascinated by glitter or power or celebrity, is it not common to us all that we recognize that a person’s true value is found in their internal world? more
No One Can Stop Us From Loving Others
I love looking at the sky. When I’m buried in work and stress and the confusion of a million details, I often go out in our backyard and stand under the trees and look up at the sky. I feel the oppression of the daily grind melt away as I breathe and stretch and revel in the limitlessness of the heavens. more
“The Epiphany of Zebediah Clump”
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