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MusicLinks for MusicLovers

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  • The Folk Sampler withMike Flynn
    The web site of Mike Flynn's radio show found on NPR. A wonderful source of beautiful, obscure and rarely heard folk and traditional music. One of my favorite shows.

  • TheThistle and Shamrock with Fiona Richie
    Fiona Ritchie hosts radio's finest Celtic hour, with music from evolving traditions in Ireland, Scotland, North America and beyond. This show comes right after Mike Flynn's Folk Sampler, on NPR here in Norfolk, and makes for a wonderful Sunday evening of great listening.

  • SOURCEMUSIC has just released a new recording entitled

    Sponsored by the Pikes Peak Hospice, this innovative & sensitive recording specifically addresses the difficult issues surrounding the loss of a loved one. "...That’s what this powerful recording is allabout: Remembering & Sharing, so Together We Can Heal." (Rabbi Earl Grollman)
“The Epiphany of Zebediah Clump”
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