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Immunity Take Care Works!

Apr 21, 2011

Posted by Kimmy Sophia Brown

New Chapter LogoA couple of years ago a nasty, respiratory virus roaredthrough our family. I staggered into Whole Foods, hot with fever, my body feeling as though a thousand dwarves from Arda were pounding me with their mean little hammers. Keeping a safe distance away so that I didn’t infect the nice, curly-haired man named Bill who was working among the supplements, I inquired about remedies that might alleviate the symptoms of the virus. He held up a box of elderberry lozenges called Immunity Take Care, made by thecompany, New Chapter. Bill explained that it works to fortify the immunesystem after a virus invades. It also works even better when taken at the first signs of illness. Feeling desperate, I paid $40 for the oversized bottle containing thirty small, good tasting, dissolvable lozenges. Well, waddya know, if the whole durn family wasn’t exceedingly better in a couple of days.

From that happy day, we were sold on Immunity TakeCare! Now, at the first sign of illness I go to Whole Foods or ourlocal, Lois’ Natural Foods, to buy some. When I’m feeling especially smart, I go online and buy several bottles so we’re stocked and ready ahead of time.  The result is that we have been sick less often, and times when we have actually succumbed to something, the duration has been shorter. 

We are not scientists but we like to stick with what works,and like a good neighbor, we want to pass on our experience to you. (No, State Farm is not there. Gotcha.) We actually have no stock in this company, (but maybe we should!)

Here is a blurb from New Chapter:

In the Middle Ages Elderberry was traditionally used to helpsupport the immune system. New Chapter is proud to deliver this revered botanical in Immunity Take Care an herbal therapeutic that enhances the immune system. New Chapter believes in the infinite wisdom of nature and that the whole herb and its family of chemistries and not just a small fraction of its chemical components delivers Nature' true wisdom. This belief in the whole herb represents the foundation of our formulation philosophy for all herbal therapeutics. While many conventional extracts of Elderberry are available none consistently provides the broad spectrum of herbal chemistries and key bioactives available in Immunity Take Care. This breakthrough formula combines Nature' full herbal intelligence with a unique and patent pending DARTvision extraction process that guarantees dose assured potency in every lozenge. Dosage Assured Potency Using a scientific breakthrough called DARTvision Immunity Take Care herbal extract is fingerprinted and guaranteed to have the same full-spectrum potency from capsule to capsule without the variation common in natural herbal therapeutics. This exclusive New Chapter innovation ensures that the whole intelligence of the herb is consistently delivered.

Try it and if it doesn’t help, don’t buy it again. But if itdoes, then subscribe to Significato, because you found out about it here! 

Image(s) from Wikimedia Commons

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