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The Art of Constance Pappalardo

May 13, 2010

We love this art! Here's a statement from Connie's web page:

Artist Statement

I primarily work with watercolor on canvas but my intension is never to follow the traditional path of watercolor. I am always experimenting, using the fluidity of my medium to my advantage. Sometimes I will use printing techniques to achieve patterns, sometimes spraying and rubbing and creating shadows by taking the paint off as quickly as I have applied it. It’s an exciting process because the outcome is always a total surprise and that is what I look for, the happy accident, when the very wet paint has a mind of its own and directs my next step.

Lately I have been fascinated with painting on wood panels. The texture of the wood, the smooth and hard surface ignites my imagination and I find myself thinking differently. I have started using collage and experimenting with transfers on the new wood paintings.

No matter what my medium my theme is always consistent. I want to create a different world, a place of imagination and magic, a wonderland.

Constance Pappalardo ~ 2010

What a beautiful piece!

10 x 10 in.
mixed media on wood board

To view more of Ms. Pappalardo's art, please

visit her online gallery.

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