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An Exaltation of Creativity and Bliss

Dinner for One
~ Same procedure as last year? ~
A 1963 British skit becomes a New Year's Eve television tradition in Germany, Sweden and other places .... more
Paroxysms of Bliss at Esidore’s Bistro@Night
~ Restaurant Review
After a short wait, we picked up our forks and had a bite of each—and melted into bliss. Well, we didn’t really melt, but my, oh my were we fully and entirely delighted! more
We are Now Selling Tee Shirts!
Woo Hoo! We've started selling T-Shirts! Here are our first two. "Who Will Hug the Porcupine" -- text and drawing by Kimmy Sophia, and "Dance with Love on the Pathways of Life and Embrace the World with a Smile" -- text by Peter. more
The New Peter Falkenberg Brown Website
We're delighted to announce that we have a new responsive "author" website at more
The New World Community Press Website
We're delighted to announce that we have a new website for the World Community Press, at more
Making a Ring with Oleg
~ creating a custom silver ring with master artisan Oleg Mozjoukhine
In 2015 I was inspired to create a ring that had a very personal spiritual meaning to me—a ring that would represent my vows of love with the indwelling God. During my daily meditation practice, over a period of many months, I decided that I wanted to create a sterling silver ring with a design of silver irises on a dark green background. more
Skidompha Public Library Visiting the Skidompha Public Library Book Shop
~ in Damariscotta, Maine ~
Peter and I love books. It's an addiction. Whenever we go out for the day, if we see a second hand book store we have to stop. more
Goodbye Ague! Hello Snow Mantra!
~ I’m finally warm in the warmest coat in the world
My father and my aunt both had Raynaud's disease, which made their fingers turn white in the cold. Mine don’t do that, but my body doesn’t like the cold at all—not one little bit. more
The Significato Journal is Now a Mobile-First, Responsive Website!
~ with a restructure of content categories
We are very pleased to announce that the Significato Journal is now a fully mobile-first, responsive website! After zillions of hours of work, done during evenings, weekends, and days off, over a period of months, I was able to . . . more
Peter and the Christmas Russian Hat
I got an unexpected gift of money at Christmas, so I went online and found a hat that I had been looking for, for quite a while.

It's a Russian Ushanka hat, and it's one of the warmest hats in the world. It's made in Canada, from Mouton Sheepskin, which is the warmest fur for wet snow climates like Portland. (It's incredibly soft.) Beaver is the warmest for dry cold, according to the company. more
“The Epiphany of Zebediah Clump”
Watch our first film right here.
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