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"Virtues are the Glimmerings Within the Soul"

Oct 11, 2012

Posted by Kimmy Sophia Brown
I read Robert Sardello’s book, Facing the World With Soul, in the spring of this year. His insights into the living, breathing universe are deeply exciting to me. His books contain keys for transforming the modern world into a place of balance between humanity, nature and civilization. In my opinion, Rudolf Steiner, Robert Sardello and Dorothy Maclean have done vitally important work and written books that give great insight about the universe and humanity’s place in it. They teach about the spiritual qualities resonant in things and places, not only in animals and plants, but in the very matter that everything is made of.

Mr. Sardello suggests how we might respond to the material world, and how things change as a result of our thoughts and attitudes. In The Power of Soul he stresses the importance of character and inner moral development. Transformation in that regard can be the key to the preservation and protection of the earth, and the cosmos with all its parts.

The following paragraph is from the introduction to Robert Sardello’s book, The Power of Soul, Living the Twelve Virtues:

“The virtues are the glimmerings within the soul of the spiritual urgings to bring our life into harmony with the rhythms of the cosmos. Virtue concerns closing the gap between the earthly world and the spiritual worlds. There are not two worlds unless we go away from acting in accordance with the Great World and create an artificial separation where there is none. Such a separation produces cultural egotism of the crudest and cruelest kind. We can certainly forget that we are citizens of the cosmos, that Earth and her beings are part of the functioning of the whole. This writing seeks to remind us that we not only belong to the whole but also bear responsibilities to act in accordance with the grandeur and beauty of the universe.”

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