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The True Human
Can Tune to the Voice of the River

~ From the book, "Return of the Bird Tribes", by Ken Carey ~

Feb 25, 2013

“The true human can tune to the voice of the river and give it expression. The true human can tune to the voice of the wind and speak the words that the wind cannot speak without a human tongue. The true human can blend with the essences of the forest, the spirits of the rain, the spirits of every creeping, crawling, living thing and can represent them fairly and evoke from them the best that they can be.

Each form of created life is energy manifesting in matter, ever-changing, ever-flowing into something always capable of more expression, more unfoldment, more revelation of spirit world potential. The true human is designed to aid the development of all life forms, drawing out their ever-expanding capacities to provide always fuller revelations of that which lies in the heart of God.”

Image(s) from Wikimedia Commons
Hiawatha by Thomas Eakins 1874

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