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Julia Cameron - "Our True Note"

May 3, 2012

Posted by Kimmy Sophia Brown
“As we journey within to find our own voice, creativity both isolates and connects. Because of this we must find the courage to voice our True Note to ourselves and to share it with others. To find that courage, I sometimes bring emblems of my most accepting friends into my work space with me.”

This image represents the Throat Chakra, which encourages us to speak our truth.
This image represents the Throat Chakra, which encourages us to speak our truth.

From Vein of Gold, by Julia Cameron.
Excerpt from the chapter on “Safety”.

Ms. Cameron goes on to share about a letter of encouragement she received from a close friend. One of her wisest bits of advice that I discovered studying The Artist’s Way, Vein of Gold, and her other books, is the practice of finding allies who have believing eyes. She advises that when we find our creative self, we should make sure that we only share our creative achievements with someone who has our back -- someone who will cheer us on, and not knock us down with comments such as:

“Oh, that’s already been done.”

“Why should anyone listen to you? Do you have a degree in that subject?”

“No one is buying art now.”

“Why don’t you just read someone else’s book about that? Do you really think they need another one?”

“There are so many musicians in the world. Why don’t you spend your time doing something that will make money?” 

We were created with inclinations and talents, gifts and abilities. We shortchange ourselves and we shortchange the world if we don’t follow the plan of our own personal blueprint.

Here's a secret that will help us to fulfill our personal gifts without them being derailed. We should make sure to only share our projects with people who want to see us succeed, and who will not trample on our dreams.

It is vitally important to care for our undeveloped ideas and projects as lovingly as we would protect a newborn baby. Following that one bit of advice has made all the difference for me on my journey as a writer.

To learn more about Ms. Cameron's teaching schedule, study courses and books, visit

Image(s) from Wikimedia Commons

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