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The Happy Cows of Kuhrettung Rhein Berg, Germany

Uninhibited ecstasy!

Jan 10, 2014

This video needs little explanation – the obvious joy of the cows bounding from the barn into the field, and the tears of joy from their caretakers say it all. This group of older dairy cows were saved from slaughter, much to the joy of the family who couldn't afford to take care of them any more. A charity has been established, and now these cows will live out the rest of their days until their natural deaths, retired after lives of faithful service.

If anyone might have thought that cows were rather bland beings, without personality, this little clip reveals their emotional depth. This beautiful model of caring and kindness is a beacon of hope for the millions of cows who suffer in factory farms. We envision a world where cows and all animals are treated in a compassionate way.

Posted by Kimmy Sophia Brown

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