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Prayer for Creative Light

May 10, 2010

Rose of Sharon, FranceMy good friend, Pamela Claxton Moffatt, and I have been studying Julia Cameron’s books for the past two years. One of the tasks from the book, Vein of Gold was to write a positive prayer for one’s self.

After completing a workshop about a type of Sound Healing with Dr. Zhi Gang Sha,, Pam was inspired to write this very beautiful prayer which is shared here with permission. Thank you Pam!

(~ Kimmy Sophia Brown ~)

Beloved Divine,

You open my heart.

Communication flows freely.

Your unlimited power surges through the core of my soul

Strengthening my internal organs, my lungs, my heart.

You make my spine supple and strong.

Your energy flows to the crown of my head and the corpus collasum as

You connect the left and right hemispheres.

Clarity and focus,

Inspiration and creativity

Love, peace and harmony

Flow through me

Cycling down

the nape of my neck, across my shoulders, 

down my spine,

empowering my kidneys,

then cycling up again

through my perineum, reproductive organs, spleen,

gall bladder, liver, intestines, stomach,

heart and lungs.

You sing with my voice,

Give love through my eyes,

Hear heavenly hosts with my ears

Your energy and light cycle through me continuously.

I am a being created out of your love and desire.

I reflect my original origin.

You express your wisdom and love through me.

I am growing to become a divine light spirit of universal love.

Thank you,

Thank you,

Thank you.


PCM 2010.04.18 (poem and photo)

Ms. Moffatt is a writer living in North Carolina.

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