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Plant Healing and Shamanism in the Deep Amazon

A link to an article in the latest issue of Parabola Magazine, written by Jorges Hachumak with David L. Carroll, about what happens during an Ayahuasca ceremony.

Oct 28, 2018

The article begins  

The sacred plants are always willing to guide human beings. It is part of their mission. They want to help. All they ask for in return is the joy of healing

Go to the link below for the whole article which explains the respectful way the shaman approaches and blends the plants specific to the needs of those being healed. It also explains how the Ayahuasca ceremony is conducted, and the sequence of events that participants can expect as they enter nonordinary reality. It is a sacred event to be undertaken with prayerful motives. I was particularly moved by how interested the plants are in helping humanity, but how things can go wrong if plants are harvested incorrectly such as prematurely or with greedy intent.

Posted by Kimmy Sophia Brown
Photo of plant used to make Ayahuasca by Hamtunruna - Wikimedia Commons

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