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Listen Beloved

Jul 23, 2011

Saxon Knight

Posted by Kimmy Sophia Brown

Barriers and Blocks from Receiving DivineLove— from the website,

The following quote is one of the messages from the Seraphim Angels receivedduring the meditations of Saxon Knight. Saxon Knight is from the United Kingdom and has created a website focused on these meditations. One day I searched my browser with the phrase, "receiving divine love", and her site appeared.  When I visited the site I was calmed with the messages of reassurance, compassion and kindness that I felt in them. Saxon has given us permission to excerpt a bit of one of the messages. I recommend visiting her site and reviewing the content. I think it's fantastic.

“The main blockage to happiness andaccessing Divine love is not hearing the guidance you ask for.  You do not wait.  You can have anything you want, and you can ask for anything.  Remember if someone says, that you don’t need wealth or any other treasures and delights of your world, this is their truth. It is what they need to hear and understand, it is not yours.  You only have to listen to your yearnings and strong desires to know what is your truth.

It is not true that blockages and pastbeliefs are holding you back.  You cannot rely upon this premise and expect results.  Your main blocks are not your beliefs but your moment by moment thoughts.  Beliefs are merely words one put upon another to form a chain which binds you.  When your thoughts turn away the chain will break.  You do not have to think of your beliefs as a block, merely your thoughts.”

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