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Itty Bitty & Etta - A Story From Apifera Farm

~ One of what seems to be hundreds of creations from the founder of the wonderful Apifera Farm in Maine, home of many rescued animals, and where many works of art were born as well.

Mar 23, 2018


I don't know how or when I stumbled upon Apifera Farm, but they have charmed my soul. The 501[c][3] work they are doing to rescue animals inspires me, and the art work, books, dolls and puppets created by Katherine Dunn just blow me away. Please visit their website at Please donate to help their work. And buy Katherine's artwork, because they are beautiful, charming, hilarious, and full of love. 

This is from their website, quoted from the About section: 

“Apifera Farm [pronounced Ap-if-era and meaning bearing bees] began in 2004 in western Oregon, growing 4000 lavender plants and raising sheep. Soon, needy animals were being adopted- crippled goats, blind ponies, old llama and grumpy pigs. After 14 wonderful, magical years on the Oregon farm, Apifera closed their eyes and listened to their hearts and relocated across country, with all the animals, to mid coast Maine.”

Posted by Kimmy Sophia Brown

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