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  • /stories/poetry/
    I Dreamed of England Returned to Herself
    Summary: This note came from Mary Angela when she submitted this poem: "I wrote this poem after just looking at the beautiful indexes to my old anthologies on English literature... and I guess it got mixed in with all the immense tragedies that have lately befallen England both in London...

  • /stories/poetry/
    I Am Certain That Jesus Was Not That
    Summary: I am certain that Jesus was not that
    person walking down a dusty road
    in an immaculate robe, in Cinemascope

  • /stories/poetry/
    My Office is a Baked Potato, and other vegetables
    Summary: My room is painted white and pale yellow

  • /stories/poetry/
    Dog at Dawn
    Summary: Ghoulish numbers on the clock: it's three. Farewell sleep, I sigh,

  • /stories/poetry/
    It Isn't So Much Magic as it is Beauty
    Summary: it isn't so much magic as it is, beauty
    she said to herself coming upon the scene suddenly:
    the unexpected snowfalls, the lemon leaf reigning

  • /stories/poetry/
    The Rat
    Summary: Is the rat offended by the smell of the dump?
    Before cities,
    before squalor and pestilence and sewers,
    where did the rat dwell?

  • /stories/poetry/
    The Depot
    Summary: I left my suitcases. Inside were keep-sake rings and bracelets photo albums of my trip to Europe,

  • /stories/poetry/
    Departed Dove
    Summary: I found her by the door in still repose...

  • /stories/poetry/
    To Be A Monster
    Summary: Monsters like the sight of blood, and dragging victims through the mud.

  • /stories/poetry/
    July Storm
    Summary: Like a tall woman walking across the hayfield
    the rain came slowly, dressed in crystal and the sun.

  • /stories/poetry/
    Summary: I light the candle,
    smudge the sage,
    call in directions and the
    keepers of the land and sky.

  • /stories/poetry/
    A Voyage
    Summary: The HMS Zygote sailed one night,
    launched from the gleam in my Father's eye.

  • /stories/poetry/
    To God
    Summary: Some people have a visceral reaction at the mention of your name,
    Some say you are out there,
    some say you are nowhere,
    but I know you’re in here.

  • /stories/poetry/
    The Last Straw
    Summary: The secret to the quandary
    of the last straw
    is forgiveness.

  • /stories/poetry/
    Summary: Some people get old before they’re old.
    Life’s pain spins an exoskeleton
    that restricts
    and chokes,
    and bends the spirit into frozen shapes.

  • /stories/poetry/
    The Sorgum Cows
    Summary: The cows stand stunned
    They are snow trimmed
    Like tractors and trees

  • /stories/poetry/
    After the Farm
    Summary: Stirring me stirring me stirring me
    The things that lie sleeping inside
    Skeletons rise and soulful searching
    Awaken to things once denied

  • /stories/poetry/
    Crumbs in the Valley
    Summary: The open neckline wide...

  • /stories/poetry/
    Unglooming the Gloam
    Summary: Leaden sky Absorbs the light. Wambling through the bamboo grove I enter into the gloaming...

  • /stories/poetry/
    Sunrise on the Hills
    Summary: The clouds were far beneath me; bathed in light, They gathered mid-way round the wooded height,
    And, in their fading glory, shone
    Like hosts in battle overthrown.
    As many a pinnacle, with shifting glance.
    Through the gray mist thrust up its shattered lance...

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