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Programming Services:
Web Design, Perl, PHP, MySQL

Does your company need:

  • An Easy to Manage, Customized Website, using a "CMS" (Content Management System)?
  • We recommend a Truly Superb CMS called "ProcessWire".
  • We have also have developed with a CMS called "MODX", although we now recommend ProcessWire.
    (This website has been migrated from MODX Evo to ProcessWire.)
  • Perl, PHP or MySQL Programming?
  • A LAMP Programmer (Linux, Apache,
    MySQL, and Perl/PHP)?
  • Web Database Programming?
  • Website Design?
  • a Specialized Web Database?
  • Web Pages Created from a Database?
  • Open Source Software? (Free Software!)
  • Copy Writing or Editing for your Website?
  Peter Falkenberg Brown

You've come to the right place! :-) The founder of the World Community Press, Peter F. Brown, has been programming since 1986. He is now a LAMP programmer, specializing in Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl and PHP database programming, as well as copy writing, business writing, web design and content creation. He also specializes in the ProcessWire CMS, which allows a company or person to manage a website extremely easily!

Peter's credo with his clients has remained the same, since he started programming in 1987: He wants his clients to feel "utterly delighted" with his services.

To Hire Peter F. Brown for a Programming Project:

Call (207) 518-9004 or send an email to:

His rates are competitive, at $125 per hour. Hours are billed in 15 minute increments, with a 1 hour minimum. Terms are simple: payment can be made via PayPal with a credit card, or by check. Direct deposit can be set up for long term retainers. Payment is expected upon receipt of invoices.

Brown's Programming Skill Set:

Technical Skills: Programming

  • ProcessWire CMS/CMF Website Creation
  • Web Database Programmer and Specialist, using MySQL, Perl and PHP
  • Author of numerous Open Source Software programs in Perl, including the popular MySQL Backup script, selected as "Tool of the Month" in June, 2002 by
  • Perl CGI programmer, specializing in web site development
  • Experienced with Perl text parsing
  • Database specialist, with MySQL (with Perl and PHP)
  • formerly used Clipper Summer '87, dBASE, & Alpha Five

Technical Skills: Web Design / Publication Design / Content Creation / Writing

  • Web site designer, including HTML, graphics, writing, editing and content creation
  • Specializes in the ProcessWire Content Management Framework
  • Publication Design w/ Ventura Publisher, Corel Draw, and others
  • Color slide design, from concept through writing and design to production
  • Creative Writing, Educational Writing, Business Writing, Author and Book Publisher

Leadership Skills, People Management & Communication Skills

  • PR and Media skills, Good with Customer/Client Relations
  • Team player, with extensive leadership and management experience, works well with people
  • Extensive, long-term experience in Teaching and Public Speaking
  • Experienced in Conducting Seminars and Workshops on computers and nonprofit issues
  • Able to think in analytical, creative, and holistic fashion

He is also the author of a number of open source programs that allow web companies to gest their jobs done faster and easier. Depending on the status of his various contracts, he's available for projects via telecommuting.

You can view a brief Biography of Peter Brown here.

Quotes from Customers & Clients:

Quote from former NewBay Media Supervisor, New York City:

“I have worked with Peter for over six years and have seen firsthand his expert problem-solving and project management skills in action. Always looking to learn in the changing world of digital media and grow his skills, he has proven to be an experienced senior leader of the digital team at NewBay Media and is heavily relied on for his opinion and insight.”

Joseph Ferrick
~ Former Vice President of Digital Media
NewBay Media

Quote from a Science/Aviation Client in Alaska:

“A number of years ago while doing a web search for a database developer, I came across Peter Brown and was impressed enough by his website that I decided to call him. From that first phone call, I knew I had found the developer that I was looking for. His professional manner, broad knowledge base and his willingness to help lead me and flex with me was invaluable as I worked through the process of designing a database that fit my specific needs and in getting that database online. Over the past few years, Peter has always been available at a moments notice when the need arose to help fix broken web links or modify the database as our needs evolved. His integrity and professionalism are rare commodities these days. I have no compunctions in highly recommending him to anyone needing database development.”

Tim Veenstra
~ CEO of Airborne Technologies Incorporated
~ Wasilla, Alaska

A Long-Term Client in New York City:

"We have tremendous confidence in Peter Brown because he's thoroughly honest, and he's a programmer who knows what he's doing. He's always there to assist us when we need something for our website, and he goes the extra mile frequently. His rates are reasonable, and he's very personable. Most of all, he's *easy* to work with. He's not grumpy when we call him up, as some programmers might be. We've used his services for over ten years, and we will continue to do so. We highly recommend him."

~ Jeff Schiller, CEO, J&J Watch Repair, New York

A Major Client in Los Angeles:

"One of the hardest parts of developing a company database is finding the right programmer to do the job. I like working with Peter Brown because he always tries to understand the project from the user's point of view. He makes a lot of effort to anticipate needs and goes the extra mile to make sure the process is complete.

He's logical, clever and thorough. I've worked with Peter for two years now and find him to be very responsive; extremely knowledgeable; reliable; and a real pleasure to work with."

John Allen ~ Former Director of Information Technology
Formerly with The David Lewis Company, Inc.
~ Los Angeles, California

"Having programmed for over 20 years, I am not easy to please. Peter's programming exceeded my expectations with solid design, innovative techniques that provided additional functionality and flexibility, and even taught this old dog a new trick or two. His communication during the project was excellent. I recommend his services."

Greg White, Inc.

A Major Client in Silicon Alley in Manhattan:

"I have worked with many programmers over the years and never have I worked with a programmer who not only understood programming but also understood that great programming cannot hide poor logic. Peter F. Brown's ability to deal with people and his understanding of logic, coupled with his programming knowledge, made him by far the best programmer I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

Remy Arteaga
Chief Operating Officer and Founder
Extreme Interactive Media Inc.
New York, NY

A Major Client in Silicon Valley:

"Of the dozens of programmers with whom we have had contact during the past couple of years, Peter Brown stands head-and-shoulders above the rest. This I say categorically and without hesitation. The programming he has written for us works very well. Peter is a rare combination of talent, competence and responsibility. My only regret is that I did not find him sooner!"

Daniel K. Berman, Ph.D.
Former Director, CyberTip4theDay
San Francisco Bay Area

A Major Client in Virginia:

"Ten years ago Peter Brown wrote a large database program for Central Virginia Maintenance that has proven to be extremely robust. It's now January, 2001, and the program has demonstrated its complete Y2K compliance. We've processed millions of dollars in invoices with this program. We use this program on a daily basis and couldn't imagine life without it now. It has been an enjoyable and trouble-free program -- it's still going strong! Thank you Peter!"

Lorrie Shumaker
Central Virginia Maintenance

Additional Reference quotes:

"Boy that Peter Brown sure is one swell guy - oh yeah, and he sure knows his stuff!"

Billy Aplin
TeamSite Project Manager
HealthStream -

"Everything is working great, and your code is clean and efficient. I only wish I could code that well! - Thanks again for your help."

Carol Scheible
Key Concepts Site Publishing

"I saw your perl bulletin board program and it is great to look at a perl program that doesn't look like line noise!"

Michael Winters

A Major Client in Missouri:

"The Medical Society in Springfield, MO and all of the physicians locally and our two local medical centers are truly impressed by your outstanding work with our database project and MySQL programming. Our project was challenging and has been in the works for 6 years. I had had two other programmers help me with this project and we had not been able to code things so that everything worked well. You completed our programming and set up our MySQL database in record time and everything is perfect.

You really know your stuff when it comes to programming, managing databases on the Internet, and MySQL programming. Your expertise is phenomenal and we are truly appreciative of your outstanding assistance.

A couple of years ago you also helped us with the physician contact system for our 400 physician group owned by our local 1000 bed hospital. We had asked local professionals with a nationally known company about the possibility of helping us with this and they had a hard time understanding the project and what we wanted to be done and their price estimate was huge. You completed that project in record time and for minimal expense. We are truly impressed with your expertise. You know more about MySQL and these sort of programming matters than anyone I or my local computer professionals have ever encountered. Again, many thanks for your outstanding assistance. Sincerely,"

Steven D. Atwood, M.D., FACP
Green County Medical Society
Physician Locator Project Manager

Letter from a
Senior C++ Programmer/Analyst
about Brown's programming services and his
Open Source application "FutureSQL":

"I am a senior C++ programmer/analyst for a former Fortune 500 company (a Fortune 500 company before my division was split off in 1999) and worked as the corporate webmaster for 3 years.

During that time, our company undertook a re-hosting of the web site from a proprietary web application to an open standards set of applications including Apache, PERL, Java and MySQL. For this project, we hired Peter Brown as a MySQL and PERL programmer.

He was able to complete 3 applications that were vital to the success of this project. He created a MySQL/Perl based search engine for the site that was easy to maintain and update. A comprehensive search engine had not existed on the site before this time and was very important to senior management as a selling point for the re-hosting project.

His second contribution to this project was a PERL based parser for extracting the content of the proprietary web application into html web pages, MySQL data tables and PERL scripts for active page content.

His final contribution was the translation of the most complicated page on the web site. This was a multi-table based web order/specification page allowing for the order and customization of parts for one of the engineering divisions of the company.

All this work when completed won highest praise for the whole re-hosting effort within the company. In my work with Peter, I have found his code to be consistently innovative, forward looking and adaptable. Solutions he provided then work today and are easy to maintain and improve.

It has also been my pleasure to review his current Open Source work and find to my pleasure that he has taken his web programming and data base development skills to greater levels of complexity. The production of a generic solution to an engineering problem is always much more difficult than creation of a specific application.

Peter has succeeded with his FutureSQL product. This is an excellent Open Source offering.

In conclusion, for clear, concise, professional solutions to your web and database development projects you can not have a better man on your team than Peter Brown."

Bruce Robbins
EG&G Services, Norfolk, Virginia

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