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Vol/Num: 2012-001
Jan 9, 2012

“Significato” is the Italian word for “meaning” or “value”, as in “the meaning of life”. The Significato Newsletter displays links to new items published in our online Significato Journal. It is emailed for free to subscribers. To view an item in full, click on one of the links below.

From the Editors:
Well, Happy New Year Everybody! As the Venus Transit of June approaches, and the pages of the Mayan calendar run out, we welcome the unfolding year with prayers and hopes that this will be a better year for all humankind and all creation, down to the li'lest atom and particle. May we all meet our Squirrel of Destiny! And if you don't know what that means, ask Zebediah Clump.

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Whistle Down the Wind
Whistle Down the Wind
I love the depiction of daily life in this movie too. The homely scenes at tea, with the family seated around the table eating slices of homemade bread from china plates and drinking their tea from china cups... more

ConvertXtoDVD, a Film, and a FedEx Receipt
~ a capsule review of the ConvertXtoDVD v4 Authoring Program ~
On December 29th, 2011, at 4:15pm Eastern Standard Time, in the city of Portland, Maine, I looked at a FedEx receipt that I had just been handed, and couldn’t decide whether I wanted to jump up and down in the Kinko’s store, or go immediately to bed. more

Two Great Ways to Back up Your Data and Save Your Bacon
~ with Macrium Reflect & Microsoft's Robocopy ~
Have you backed up your data recently? No? Aha! :-). You're not alone, unfortunately. But... don't you want to join the ranks of the Fortunate Few who DO back up their data? Here are two very quick ways to do just that. more

Wonderful Open Mic Night with Maine Songwriter's Association
Wonderful Open Mic Night with Maine Songwriter's Association
Venue: One Longfellow Square, Portland ME ~ December 14, 2011 ~
I could imagine Emmylou Harris recording any of their songs -- “Forgive Me,” “Hard Time”, “Night Falls”, “Pink Peonies”. Sheila’s songs are passionate and insightful and she conveys them with a voice full of power and emotion. I thought I knew where the melody of a song was headed and then it went somewhere else. more

Meteora Suspends Our Hearts in the Air
Meteora Suspends Our Hearts in the Air
Holiday Fine Arts Open House at the Maine Coast Artist Studio, Friendship Maine Dec 17, 2011
Meteora is a gem of a folk trio, comprised of Will Brown, Jim Loney and Kat Logan. Right off the bat, their main asset is their excellent voices. From the first note of their first song, “Small Brown Bird”,... their three-part harmony moved me to tears. more

We Are Divinity
We Are Divinity
"We contain the scripture. We contain Divinity. We are Divinity. We are the church, the synagogue, the ashram." more

Wintery Sunrise
Wintery Sunrise
Wintery Sunrise in Maryland - A sublime moment on a quiet winter morning, taken by photojournalist, Maureen Spagnolo

Eric Bettencourt Leads Tight, Rockin' Band
Eric Bettencourt Leads Tight, Rockin' Band
Venue: One Longfellow Square, Portland ME ~ November 17, 2011 ~
He delivered song after song in tight arrangements with an interesting relay going on between alternating drummers Seth Kearns and Charles C. Gagne, and alternating backup singers, Amanda Gervasi, Monique Barrett, Megan Jo Wilson and Sara Hallie Richardson. more

Scott Peterson, Poetic Opener for Eric Bettencourt
Venue: One Longfellow Square, Portland ME ~ November 17, 2011 ~ capsule review ~
He piqued my interest when he said that during a period of writer’s block, he found an old book of poetry and decided to set some poems to music. more

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