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Essays on a Spiritual Life

Significato is a non-sectarian and non-denominational journal. In fact, it's not specifically a "religious" journal at all. Rather, it tries to focus on the "ethical practices" of living one's life centered on unselfish love.

Yet, our view is that one can't talk about "true love" without eventually talking about the creative source of love and the realm of "spiritual life". There are many religious views in the world about God, a life of faith, and the spirit world. We take the position that these topics are broader than one religion and belong to all people, of every race, culture and nationality. To explore these questions more deeply, we present this section of "essays on a spiritual life".

We invite you to also visit the "Culture of Heart" section, for more essays about "the world of heart".

No One Can Stop Us From Loving Others
I love looking at the sky. When I’m buried in work and stress and the confusion of a million details, I often go out in our backyard and stand under the trees and look up at the sky. I feel the oppression of the daily grind melt away as I breathe and stretch and revel in the limitlessness of the heavens. more
Salvation through Love
Clinging to God's Love Forever
... and Staying the Course as People of Faith

“The Epiphany of Zebediah Clump”
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