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Losing My Beard for John Adams

May 11, 2007

On May 7, 2007, I went with three of our children and acted with them as extras at the "JohnAdams" mini-series shoot (Part 2), in Goochland, Virginia. Iplayed a "Boston Towns Person". (Our fourth child, Tymon, was an extra in Part 1.) This page shows the absolutely horrible tongue in cheektrauma that I suffered, as I was *forced*!!! toshave my beard (after six years!) — since Boston Towns Persons didn't have beards. Drat them! Oh, the Tyranny of Fashion! Here, for your potential amusement, is the pictorial history of my dreadful loss. Who knows — perhaps one day I'll be an actor. ~ Peter Falkenberg Brown

The Normal Me What's Happening to Me?
The Normal MeWhat's Happening to Me?
Should I Become a Cowboy? Or a Biker?
CowboyA Biker?
How 'bout a Hillbilly?
It Is GONE!!!
Waahh! My Beard!! Waahh!
Finally, a Boston Towns Person!
(They gave everyone BAD TEETH!!!)
It's GoneTownsperson
Why Colonials Didn't Smile - Ain't It Digutsing?
A Formal PoseNo Smile
With Wigs, Who Needs Hair? Did My Ancestors Dress Like This? Oy!
With Ranin, Gracie, Tadin and the Transformed Me,
outside the Extra's Tent on the set of the John Adams Mini-Series


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