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A Parliament of Quotes

Owls Owls Owls Owls
Charles Eisenstein: The American Dream betrayed . . .
~ One of the brightest, clearest, most intelligent, loving and insightful people currently on the planet ~
“No one deserves to live in a world built upon the degradation of human beings, forests, waters, and the rest of our living planet.” more
Ella Fitzgerald and Marilyn Monroe
How a friendship between two women helped the cause of Civil Rights
“I owe Marilyn Monroe a real debt … she personally called the owner of the Mocambo, and told him she wanted me booked immediately... more
Mechthild of Magdeburg - A Wondrous Place Where We Speak of Love
~ Visionary writing from a 13th Century Mystic ~
“That prayer has great power which a person makes with all his might. It makes a sour heart sweet, a sad heart merry, a poor heart rich, a foolish heart wise, a timid heart brave, a sick heart well, a blind heart full of sight, a cold heart ardent... more
Maxim Gorky The Power of Art - Maxim Gorky
A short story writer and novelist, known for his sympathetic accounts of tramps, criminals and peasants, in pre and post Communist Russia.
Born March 16, 1868 - Died June 14, 1936
The good qualities in our soul are most successfully and forcefully awakened by the power of art. more
Thomas Merton Thomas Merton - The Rush and Pressure of Modern Life
“There is a pervasive form of contemporary violence to which the idealist most easily succumbs: activism and overwork. The rush and pressure of modern life are a form, perhaps the most common form, of its innate violence.” more
Father Bede Griffiths and Brother Wayne Teasdale Father Bede Griffiths - I was suddenly made aware of another world
Bede Griffiths, 1906-1993, was a British-born Benedictine monk and priest who lived in ashrams in South India and later became known as Swami Dayananda.
“I was suddenly made aware of another world of beauty and mystery such as I had never imagined to exist, except in poetry... more
Edward O. Wilson E. O. Wilson - Humanity Today is Like a Waking Dreamer
~ Excerpts from "The Social Conquest of Earth" and "Save America's Forests"
“Humanity today is like a waking dreamer, caught between the fantasies of sleep and the chaos of the real world.” more
Virginia Woolf - On the Track of the Lost Novelist
~ excerpt from "A Room of One's Own"
"When, however, one reads of a witch being ducked, of a woman possessed by devils, of a wise woman selling herbs, or even of a very remarkable man who had a mother, then I think we are on the track of a lost novelist, a suppressed poet..." more
Amma Amma on Divine Motherhood
Anyone who has the courage to overcome the limitations of the mind will attain the state of universal motherhood. more
Sojourner Truth Ar'n't I a Woman?
~ The Heart of Sojourner Truth:
Abolitionist,Women's Rights Activist, and Former Slave ~
“Dat man ober dar say dat woman needs to be lifted ober ditches, and to have de best place every whar. Nobody eber helped me into carriages, or ober mud puddles, or gives me any best place and ar’n’t I a woman? Look at me! Look at my arm! I have plowed, and planted, and gathered into barns, and no man could head me – and ar’n’t I a woman?” more
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“The Epiphany of Zebediah Clump”
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