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All is Well in the Gigantic Reality of God

~ an excerpt from "a message from God" from the book Choices of Love, by Dorothy Maclean ~

Sep 21, 2012

Posted by Kimmy Sophia Brown
Many people have heard of the Findhorn community in Scotland, founded in the early 1960s by Peter and Eileen Caddy, and their colleague, Dorothy Maclean. Ms. Maclean's experiences receiving messages from nature spirits guided the planting and tending of the Findhorn gardens and helped in creating their spiritual community.

In Ms. Maclean's 1998 book, Choices of Love, she speaks about her relationship with God, whom she calls, "The Beloved", and discusses her ongoing relationship with nature, humanity and the world.

Here is part of one of the messages that she received from God:

“When you are in a state of loving, you do not have to try to force contact with me, for I am here. Bitter self-examinations do not bring you to me, and the tension of striving blocks me, but the flow of love, particularly to me, aligns you in harmony. The more directed the flow, the more perfectly your world turns around.

I do not mean that you are not to examine yourself. Search yourself, find the truth of what you are, and in the acceptance of that truth you are free for love to flow. It is when you do not accept the truth of your faults, when you resist them and so stay emotionally attached and in conflict about yourself, that you remain on the treadmill of the old. Accept the truth, and you are released and relaxed and can become aware of me. Then the love flows.

My gigantic reality transcends all else, and all is well.

[emphasis added]

You are reoriented and stabilized, and what comes to you is not right nor wrong but part of you, part of me, in the power of love. Then you can meet and transmute any situation without trying.

I know you do not stay in that state – if you did, you would not need this advice – but when you find yourself out of it, you can choose to turn and come to me again. As you do this, increasingly you will find the love flowing. Everything is on your side: the onward rhythm of evolution, the new energies being expressed, the place you are in, the desire of your soul, and my beckoning love. This is a time of increased opportunity. Go with it, accepting yourself as you are without a quibble and accepting and knowing the reality of what I am in you with joy, thanksgiving, wonder, and love. I make all things new. Love me simply, without strain and be one with all.”

To learn more about Dorothy Maclean's work after Findhorn, visit The Lorian Association website at:

Photo used by permission, The Lorian Association

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