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Updated: Oct 10, 2016
Bishop's Garden Tulips

Bishop's Garden Tulips

"Bishop's Garden's tulips (National Washington Cathedral) are receiving a helping hand from a visitor - and surely the heavens approve as the extra beam of light seems to imply." Comment from Maureen Spagnolo, who took this lovely shot.
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Columns & Essays

Sarah and Beryl Shepley
A Mother's Day Sermon from 2015
This Mother's Day sermon was given by Reverend Sarah Shepley at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Yarmouth, Maine, May, 2015
The poet Mark Nepo writes: “The place where beauty meets pain is where we bend, not break”.
For me, this passage describes the beauty of building up expectations and the pain of letting them go.
Samantha Farrell - September Sun
~ CD Review ~
Samantha Farrell brings to mind the voices of Anais Mitchell and Nora Jones. She has exceptional powers of creativity. The subject matter, lyrics, musical accompaniment and production is a joy to listen to –
Ghosts of Johnson City
The Ghosts of Johnson City - Again!
~ Venue: Port City Blue, Portland ME ~ March 25. 2016 ~
Well, the last time I saw these guys I said I was going to see them again as soon as possible. So my son, Ranin, and I went to Port City Blue again with skads of other people, and the place was packed by 5:30 pm.
Amy White
Amy White - Didn't We Waltz
~ CD Review ~
Amy White is half of the duo Al Petteway and Amy White, who have been in the music business for years and are talented to the bone.
Seth Davis
Seth Davis - Life is Long
~ CD Review ~
There's something gritty and honest in Seth Davis's music. I listen and listen to this album and I keep hearing new things. His voice sounds like Leonard Cohen.
Japanese Student Nanako Speaks Out in Support of Poverty-Stricken Filipino Boxers
As I visit schools, I come across a number of pure hearts. Nanako, a student in southern Japan, was thirteen when I first met her and is now fifteen. In July, 2015, she signed up for the local English Speech Contest. I said to her, “Win or lose, we don’t care. We care about people who never get any attention. The most important job is to tell people about them.”
Eternal Triune Marriage as a New Vision of Marriage
[a new, substantially revised version]
I believe that one reason marriages collapse before death intervenes is because the pledge of love until death contains an inherent limitation. If one assumes that marriage is only for one’s physical lifetime, then it may make sense to move on to a better marriage if the first one isn’t working out.
Ghosts of Johnson City
The Ghosts of Johnson City
~ Venue: Port City Blue, Portland, ME ~ January 29, 2016 ~
We walked in on a cold winter night and found a table up front. The five band members came in and set up, looking like lumberjacks fresh from the woods in their knitted hats and flannel shirts.
Clara Junken
Clara Junken - Out to See
~ CD Review ~
This woman can sing. My God. The CD starts out commanding my attention with the song, “You are the Sun” – a wailing slide guitar, and Clara making it very plain that she can express her pain vocally with an instrument that falls somewhere between Fiona Apple and Eva Cassidy.
Terry Kitchen
Terry Kitchen -The Post-American Century
~ CD Review ~
Oh this is fine pickin' and singin'. The homespunny opening number, “So Much More to Home” is a joyful and yearning song that opens the album with delicate harmonies by Mara Levine.
Freedom from Tyranny: A Manifesto of Human Rights for All
Freedom from Tyranny
A Manifesto of Human Rights for All
The tragic fraud of tyranny is revealed with simple questions, asked to its victims: “Are you unhappy, living under tyranny? If there were no retribution of any kind, would you like to be free to do as you pleased?”

The answer may be slow in coming, for tyranny is a destroyer of dreams. Yet, over time, which soul, created from the same star stuff, would say, “No”?
A Boxer and Advocate for Nonviolence
Meets “Bad Students”
Since December 1, 2001, after I returned to Tokyo from New York City, where I was volunteering during the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy, schools, cities, and corporations started inviting me to give motivational speeches.

A Parliament of Quotes

Thomas Merton

Thomas Merton - The Rush and Pressure of Modern Life

“There is a pervasive form of contemporary violence to which the idealist most easily succumbs: activism and overwork. The rush and pressure of modern life are a form, perhaps the most common form, of its innate violence.” more

Mo' Bliss

Making a Ring with Oleg

In 2015 I was inspired to create a ring that had a very personal spiritual meaning to me—a ring that would represent my vows of love with the indwelling God. During my daily meditation practice, over a period of many months, I decided that I wanted to create a sterling silver ring with a design of silver irises on a dark green background.

Freeing a Humpback Whale from a Nylon Gillnet

This is a miraculous video of a group of people who came upon this magnificent humpback whale entrapped in a gillnet.
Skidompha Public Library

Visiting the Skidompha Public Library Book Shop

Peter and I love books. It's an addiction. Whenever we go out for the day, if we see a second hand book store we have to stop.

Help the World

Replacing Styrofoam with Packaging Made from Mushrooms!

Eben Bayer Watch these videos introducing one of the most innovative Green Technologies created to date!

Shoe That Grows

Kenton Lee was working at an orphanage in Kenya when he noticed that many of the children were either going without shoes or wearing shoes that were too small.


Shelter Box Every year, hundreds of thousands of families across the world lose everything when disasters strike.
“The Epiphany of Zebediah Clump”
Watch our first film right here.

Stories & Poetry


Dog at Dawn

Ghoulish numbers on the clock: it's three. Farewell sleep, I sigh,

It Isn't So Much Magic as it is Beauty

it isn't so much magic as it is, beauty
she said to herself coming upon the scene suddenly:
the unexpected snowfalls, the lemon leaf reigning

The Rat

Is the rat offended by the smell of the dump?
Before cities,
before squalor and pestilence and sewers,
where did the rat dwell?

From the Editors

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Dog at Dawn
Making a Ring with Oleg
A Mother's Day Sermon from 2015
It Isn't So Much Magic as it is Beauty
Samantha Farrell - September Sun
The Ghosts of Johnson City - Again!
The Rat
Shoe That Grows
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