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Updated: Mar 29, 2015
Tree Bathed in a Rosy Glow

Sidwell Friends Tree in Rose Light

"The rose light is calm,
the tree extends her deep roots.
Leaves are born. Our joy."
Maureen Spagnolo took this shot of the Sidwell Friends Tree in the mist.
Kimmy Sophia Brown wrote this little haiku to accompany it. (Click for larger image)

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Columns & Essays

John and Rachel Nicholas - Here You Are
~ CD Review ~
John and Rachel Nicholas The music of John and Rachel Nicholas is all about passion. I hear it in the harmony of their voices and in the music and lyrics they write. I saw them last summer at the Swans Island Sweet Chariot Festival.
Douglas Day - Barefoot to the Sea
~ CD Review ~
Douglas Day - Oddfellows Hall, Swans Island, Maine On the idyllic cover photo of his 1993 album "Barefoot to the Sea", athletic and handsome Douglas Day is gripping a guitar in one hand while leaping above ocean waves.
Dave Duplissey:
Salt & Pepper with Creole Seasoning & Tasty Jazz
~ CD Review ~
Back in the '80s and '90s soundtracks were filled with saxophone solos. You heard them everywhere. On television and in movies and commercials—just everywhere.
The Miracle of Teresa Tudury
~ CD Review ~ "The River of Life"
There are some people that are just so talented that they defy description. Teresa Tudury is a California Bay area musician – poet – wise woman that I had the good fortune to hear for the first time this past summer at the Sweet Chariot Music Festival at Swans Island, Maine.
Mark Erelli - Milltowns
~ CD Review ~ Tribute to Bill Morrissey
This album is a tribute to singer/songwriter Bill Morrissey, who passed away too young, as many gifted people seem to do.
New Latitude Excels with "Convergence"
~ CD Review ~
Jazz guitar has a language all its own. New Latitude, comprised of Jim Carr and Dave Erickson, used skill and intuition to create these lovely duets...
Pre-Sale Announcement of New Book: The Living Compass of Kindness and Compassionate Love
~ Eighty-Eight Essays, Poems, and Stories about Building a World of Love and Beauty
I have the great pleasure to announce that we will be publishing a new book soon, called:

The Living Compass of Kindness and Compassionate Love

~ Eighty-Eight Essays, Poems, and Stories about Building a World of Love and Beauty

written by yours truly,
Peter Falkenberg Brown.
The Beautiful Gifts of the Spirit World
Completely Revised and Expanded on Jan. 1 and Jan. 14, 2015
When I reflect about these gifts I always come back to the same conclusion that the Creator of the beautiful gifts of the spirit world must have been motivated by an intense and enduring love for each of us. Each of the gifts is so absolutely perfect for human beings—so fulfilling, so charming, and so delightful in every way. Each of the gifts fosters and multiplies love and beauty and joy.

I believe that the realm of the spirit world was created to be a place of happiness that is almost unimaginable from our vantage point in the physical world which has so often been described as “hell on earth.”
Inanna Sisters In Rhythm "One Love, One Heart" Winter Solstice Concert
Venue: One Longfellow Square, Portland ME ~ December 21, 2014 ~
inanna sisters in rhythm under the sun On December 21st, Peter and I went to see Inanna Sisters in Rhythm’s “One Love, One Heart” Winter Solstice Celebration - our third time seeing them at One Longfellow Square. My, my, my they get better with age. What a group of gorgeous, talented women!
Eli Wallach and Me
Actor Eli Wallach passed away at the age of 98 on June 24th, 2014. Eiji Yoshikawa shares his personal experience with Mr. Wallach here. (Click on images to see larger versions.)
Eli Wallach’s first movie role was playing a Sicilian immigrant in Elia Kazan’s 1956 award-winning film, Baby Doll.

A Parliament of Quotes

Amma on Divine Motherhood
Amma Anyone who has the courage to overcome the limitations of the mind will attain the state of universal motherhood. more

Mo' Bliss

Peter and the Christmas Russian Hat

I got an unexpected gift of money at Christmas, so I went online and found a hat that I had been looking for, for quite a while.

It's a Russian Ushanka hat, and it's one of the warmest hats in the world. It's made in Canada, from Mouton Sheepskin, which is the warmest fur for wet snow climates like Portland. (It's incredibly soft.) Beaver is the warmest for dry cold, according to the company.

Capsule Review: PhraseExpander 4 is a 5-Star Program

All in all, I vote wholeheartedly for PhraseExpander. Version 4 solved the major issues that I had with it, and I’m now very satisfied with the program.

Valerie Taylor and Honey the Eel

... Over a period of years returning to the Indonesian island of Banda, Valerie visited a spotted Moray Eel which she named Honey. ...


Help the World

Six Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World

Paul Stamets is a scientist, an inventor, and the author of Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Save the World, as well as other books.

Winter Plant Musings

It is late February. Blanketed with snow in New England, it’s hard to remember sometimes those plant roots underneath in the depth, waiting. I love to think of them – their energy pulled in, gathering. Soon. And in the meantime, the night sky often reveals such clear, bright stars it takes my breath away.

Help the Philippines Recover from Typhoon Rammasun

We want to help raise awareness about Typhoon Rammasun's disastrous effect in the Philippines.

“The Epiphany of Zebediah Clump”
Watch our first film right here.


Stories & Poetry

To Be A Monster

Writer's Digest Poem a Day Challenge, Top Ten Winner for Day 27, 2014
wumpus Monsters like the sight of blood, and dragging victims through the mud.

July Storm

Elizabeth Coatsworth Like a tall woman walking across the hayfield
the rain came slowly, dressed in crystal and the sun.


Burning Candle I light the candle,
smudge the sage,
call in directions and the
keepers of the land and sky.


From the Editors

Peter Falkenberg Brown and Kimmy Sophia BrownWe are still actively looking for volunteer contributing editors and writers to help build the Significato Journal to its next stage. Contact us for more info if you think you would like to write something about nectar for the soul.

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Dave Duplissey:
Salt & Pepper with Creole Seasoning & Tasty Jazz
The Miracle of Teresa Tudury
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