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Updated: Sep 7, 2014
"With a song in my heart, I behold your adorable face!"

Kat's Starling

This cute little feller was photographed by our musician and artist friend, Kat Logan, who lives in Friendship, Maine. She says about taking this shot, "This is the second year that we have watched them [baby starlings] go from pre-nest to fledged cutie pies, flying around in our backyard. But, this one baby bird is singing all of the bird songs...loon, hawk, blue jay, cardinal, etc. really well,'s like he is trying to figure out which is the right song for him. I have heard mockingbirds, but not starlings, go on like this...any way, I am right in love."
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Columns & Essays

Models of Love
Painted Turtle Walking through a small park near our home, I am awash with what I perceive to be messages of love from our beautiful earth, blooming and unfolding in an orgy of color and sound.
The Omnipresent Embrace
~ Seeking a mystical relationship of love with the omnipresent God ~
By recognizing the divine around us, we will eventually reach the point where we conclude that the love and beauty that we’ve been resonating with must have an invisible Creative Source. Whether we call that source God, or something else, is unimportant.
The Incarnational Rights of Men and Women
~ The Illumination and Flowering of Homo Incarnatus ~
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the American Declaration of Independence support the view that all humans are “incarnational peers” with “equal and inalienable rights,” from the humblest individual to the very top of governmental and social structures. They are peers based on the central acknowledgment that all humans are incarnational men and women, whether birthed from a Creative Intelligence or simply the Quantum Universe.
Katey Branch and Deb Hensley:
A Joyful Celebration of Motherhood
Venue: Bhakti In Motion Yoda Studio, Portland, Maine
~ May 10, 2014 ~
Deb Hensley and Katey Branch Two singer/songwriter mothers, Katey Branch and Deb Hensley, were there to entertain us and to honor motherhood. It felt unusually intimate because we were sitting in a circle with the singers.
Moments of Joy
Indi, age 8 months, first winter It is interesting how our perception of life grows and changes. As a younger person I felt that I would ‘get there’ someday – there being ‘happiness’. It would be a state of being. It would involve developing the kind of relationship with my mate that I had always dreamed of, and owning the sort of home in the sort of place that we always wanted...
Ari and Mia - "Land on Shore"
~ CD Review ~
Ari and Mia Ari and Mia make exceptional music. The first cut, “Turn Me Round,” is softly sung and strung wonderfully upon a delicate acoustic web. In fact, all the tunes are poetic and artistically executed.
Heather Maloney + Darlingside: "Woodstock"
~ EP Review ~
Heather Maloney and Darlingside Oh, this collection is just good beyond words. The musical boys of Darlingside are matched up with the ethereal femininity of Heather Maloney for this EP, and they are a revelation. ... The first cut, “You Forget,” is comprised of lush strings, sincere vocalizations, and is ripe with the longing sadness that depicts young love. ...
Smithfield Fair - Companions
~ CD Review ~
Smithfield Fair - Companions Smithfield Fair has released a delightful compilation CD, re-releasing fourteen tracks from their early career along with six new recordings.
Shoot the "Wow"
Sunny Fall Morning So, we've been taking photographs for years and years – shots of our children growing up, and of their special days, and maybe if we’re old enough, shots of our grandkids.
A Short Narrative on a Love for a Man Caught in Smoke
~ Tom Waits ~
My love for Tom Waits makes me blush a good blush. ...When I think about the 1979 Australian interviews with him [on The Don Lane Show] … as he’s buckled over in uncomfortable cigarette smoke, crooked as an old tree, and not much older than me, with grunting side smiles, rocking side to side, I find myself dreaming ...

A Parliament of Quotes

The Holiness and Beauty of Night
From "The Outermost House: A Year of Life on the Great Beach of Cape Cod",
by Henry Beston
Henry Beston “Our fantastic civilization has fallen out of touch with many aspects of nature, and with none more completely than with night ..." more

Mo' Bliss

Capsule Review: PhraseExpander 4 is a 5-Star Program

All in all, I vote wholeheartedly for PhraseExpander. Version 4 solved the major issues that I had with it, and I’m now very satisfied with the program.

Valerie Taylor and Honey the Eel

... Over a period of years returning to the Indonesian island of Banda, Valerie visited a spotted Moray Eel which she named Honey. ...

Crone Nomad: Life in Hawaii Water

Spinner Dolphins
Yesterday I sat on black lava rocks gazing out over the cobalt waters of La Perouse, watching for signs of my old friends, the spinner dolphins. They often come into this sandy bottomed bay, to sleep after a night of hunting.


Help the World

Help the Philippines Recover from Typhoon Rammasun

We want to help raise awareness about Typhoon Rammasun's disastrous effect in the Philippines.

Solar Freakin' Roadways

Solar Freakin' Roadways
What a time we’re living in! One of the latest amazing developments for the sake of humanity is the innovation of SOLAR ROADWAYS, created by Scott and Julie Brusaw.

Wonderbag Cooks Food and Serves Humanity

Some of the biggest challenges for people in Third World countries have to do with food preparation. Gathering water and firewood for cooking are two of the most time consuming, and often dangerous jobs, for women and children.

“The Epiphany of Zebediah Clump”
Watch our first film right here.


Stories & Poetry

July Storm

Elizabeth Coatsworth Like a tall woman walking across the hayfield
the rain came slowly, dressed in crystal and the sun.


Burning Candle I light the candle,
smudge the sage,
call in directions and the
keepers of the land and sky.

A Voyage

Da Vinci Study of an Embryo The HMS Zygote sailed one night,
launched from the gleam in my Father's eye.


From the Editors

Peter Falkenberg Brown and Kimmy Sophia BrownWe are still actively looking for volunteer contributing editors and writers to help build the Significato Journal to its next stage. Contact us for more info if you think you would like to write something about nectar for the soul.

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Capsule Review: PhraseExpander 4 is a 5-Star Program
Help the Philippines Recover from Typhoon Rammasun
July Storm
Models of Love
Valerie Taylor and Honey the Eel
The Holiness and Beauty of Night
The Omnipresent Embrace
The Incarnational Rights of Men and Women
"With a song in my heart, I behold your adorable face!"
Solar Freakin' Roadways
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