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Updated: Feb 24, 2018
Stillness of a Maine Farm Pond in Winter

I took this picture with the camera on my phone while walking in the woods behind our house. Note the tracks on the pond which include wild turkeys and other small animals. Just a sublime morning in the quiet of the natural world. (Kimmy Sophia Brown)
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Columns & Essays

New Latitude - Vantage Point
~ CD Review ~
I love the bright colors of the landscape artwork on the cover because it is a perfect reflection of this primary colored music.
Teresa Tudury - Such Fine Things
~ CD Review ~
I had the exceptional pleasure of first hearing Teresa Tudury at the Sweet Chariot Music Festival on Swan’s Island Maine in 2014. Her presence, her fluid and wild voice, guitar playing, humor and deep heart blew me away.
Can Humans Become Beings of Love?
What are we capable of, as human beings? Can we become perfect or divine or magnificent? We look at grand figures in history or fictional heroes and heroines and feel instinctively that that is how we should be. Yet, “becoming perfect” or growing beyond the “normal” status of humans is extraordinarily difficult. We may sometimes grumble, “Nobody’s perfect. We’re just human.”
The True Identity of Humans
The True Identity of Humans
How we view other humans is closely tied to how we view ourselves. Who are we? What is our identity? To me, this question is one of the central questions of life on earth. I believe that the answer goes far beyond opinions and belongs instead to the realm of scientific truth. As much as we can all finally agree that the world is round, I believe that one day we’ll all agree on a clear definition of the true identity of humans. The science that proves this will undoubtedly boggle our minds. Until then, I believe that the proof rests in our hearts.
Divine Writing Communion and the Joy of Living with God
There is also the question: “Who are you to receive a message from God? Only holy and special people can receive God’s messages.” To that, I say, “God lives in all of us and speaks to all of us.” I believe that it is now time to universally recognize that the indwelling God is equally available to all of us, without exception.
Saved by the Love of God
“No one can stop me from communicating with each and every human being. No one can stop me from whispering words of love to their souls, or embracing them continuously. No one can say that any individual is unworthy to be loved by me, or doesn’t have the ability to hear me and feel my loving presence.”
Smithfield Fair - Evermore
~ CD Review ~
One thing I must say about Smithfield Fair, they are prolific! They crank out the sounds, the songs, and the heart.
Moby Mashed Potato
I’ve just come in from shoveling snow from the third consecutive winter storm this week. This, with the cartilage-free zones of my knees which are about to be guillotined from my legs and replaced with metal and plastic joints next month.
Phil Vassar - American Soul
~ CD Review ~
From the opening chords of “American Soul” I was riveted. Phil has an epic room-filling style.
Rick Adams - Curves
~ CD Review ~
Rick makes me smile because he comes up with little ditties that crack me up. “Boss Ain't Here”, includes the lines:
Jubilant Bridge
Jubilant Bridge - A Bell, A Bird, A Star
~ a gem of a Christmas album ~
One can hardly listen to Christmas carols any more without thinking about credit cards, discounts and smartphone apps. That’s why this album is such a treasure...
Roland Pearsall - Sell Your Soul
~ CD Review ~
It is always impressive when a person creates an entire album playing all the instruments and performing all the singing parts by themselves...

A Parliament of Quotes

James Edredy - Humanity Needs to Adopt an Ecoshamanic Worldview

James Edredy has studied with the shamans of tribal cultures all over the world. His books, seminars and philosophy contain important guidance which literally could help save the world.
Ecoshamanic [viewpoint] - All life has intrinsic value that is not dependent on human economic valuation. more

Mo' Bliss

Wendell Berry -There are no sacred and unsacred places

There are no sacred and unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places. My belief is that our life and the world in it are conditional gifts.

Paroxysms of Bliss at Esidore’s Bistro@Night

After a short wait, we picked up our forks and had a bite of each—and melted into bliss. Well, we didn’t really melt, but my, oh my were we fully and entirely delighted!

We are Now Selling Tee Shirts!

Woo Hoo! We've started selling T-Shirts! Here are our first two. "Who Will Hug the Porcupine" -- text and drawing by Kimmy Sophia, and "Dance with Love on the Pathways of Life and Embrace the World with a Smile" -- text by Peter.

Help the World

Remarkable Scientific Advances in 2017

New scientific advances in 2017 are beyond science fiction.

Ai Weiwei's Lego Portraits of Freedom Activists

“They lost their freedom because they love freedom. They love freedom for other people and they love freedom for their nation.”

William and Michael Vanquish the Abominable Snow Mountains

The onset of heavy snow in deep Maine winter can be compared to that thing people say about a woman having a baby – that you forget what it’s like until it happens again.
“The Epiphany of Zebediah Clump”
Watch our first film right here.

Stories & Poetry

Whistler's Mother

If you put Whistler’s Mother in a pair
of jeans and muckboots,
and pull her gray hair
back into a pony tail

The Rooster

The song of a soul is a funny thing.
 The rooster up the road crows 
fifty times a day...

Video: The Mowgli Factor

~ YouTube Video
Will the twenty-first century be an "Age of Illumination," or will it be a century of Mowgli Children, who know little or nothing of history and culture, and make decisions based upon ignorance?

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